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Hey fellow adventurous
I'm from the north of England, just under 30 and love to work, and also to experiment with pretty much anything I can (in a sensible manner of course - not sure my friends would agree, but I know my limits)

Keen to learn more and share ideas, I've tried nearly every street drug bar heroin, crack and meth (although I'd def try the latter two) and have tried possibly every RC, apart from the odd one here and there and all the fake cannaboids.

However, I could be taking most of these chems incorrectly, I generally insufflicate, or bomb; occasionally mixing it with a liquid or plugging it. I've also tried smoking ethildephinate, this destroyed my lugs and made my house stink haha.

Nice to meet you all; and do you have any tips on being a more economical researcher?

Obviously meant "adventures"

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