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Help needed with noids
Hi guys ! A friend of mine wants to do some smoking blends with PF-BB-22 or MMB-CHIMNACA . So the first thing he wants do is use some damiana and marshmallow but not the leaves but the extract form . He doesn t know for sure if this is a bad idea but I would sugest the leaves and not the powder because ... He will use acetone of 99.9% purity , the lab grade acetone and a sprayer and we both heard that using solvents with plastic isn t the best idea so we looked for a glass sprayer but the ones we saw all have bended shape so not so sure again bout the way to go with the sprayers Those are the options or maybe you could come with another first option ..... .http://www.amazon.co.uk/Fallen-Fruits-TG72-Atomiser-Clear/dp/B0082BOMBM/ref=pd_cp_diy_0 second ... http://www.amazon.co.uk/Hozelock-1-25L-S...HY2HVPTWRY... He will use a gas mask , gloves and shit for protection so the fumes and vaps won t be a problem... Last he thinks of using a ratio of 1g of noid to 36 g of damiana+marshmallow mix ... and 25-30 ml of acetone ... I hope we can get some helpful replies to this because we neeed you ! Thanks I hope I didn t brake any rules on the site !
Psychoactive substrates - bad idea. Try raspberry leaf, plain marshmallow or spearmint - forget damiana extract or you won't know what's what.

MMB-CHMINACA - potent shit, start weaker than with other noids, 1:40 is already pretty strong for most people so sample it at 25-50mg of blend, a fifth or a tenth of what you might otherwise put in a spliff. You want only micrograms of the noid in a hit. BB-22 and derivatives are among the more risky noids, implicated in a few health problems. None of them are truly "safe", but suggest reading up on the chems you plan to use.

Acetone is good, but sprayers lead to hotspots. Make your blend using a bath method, see the "making blends on a small scale" thread for a tutorial. You'll want about 4ml of acetone to every gram of herb, and a level pyrex dish to dry it out on.

Make a smaller batch to start - you may not even like the stuff - and buy and use some scales, just because you order 1gm doesn't mean it won't be over or under. You could make 4 or 5 batches at different strengths out of that.

Finally, generic warning, these are fun once in a while BUT they have their problems (tolerance, addiction) and whilst some of them are pleasant, they bear little relation to cannabis. Read some user experiences, and make it a policy not to go through tons of the stuff. In particular, beware gastro-intestinal issues (constipation, and/or diarrhoea) and kidney pains. Do not underestimate the potency, either - smoking this stuff in a joint is one thing, ripping a bowl of it could send you to hospital, or worse. Beware that some people report negative effects from a single hit of MMB-CHMINACA if blended too strong; you should be OK at 1:40 or less but still use in great moderation, don't just roll a spliff like it's the organic alternative. Used moderately, the CHMINACAs are quite pleasant, but also be aware that regular use will f*ck your tolerance to natural cannabis (if that's a problem).

There is probably more to say, but most of it will be covered by some background reading. Hope that helps a little...
This is great reply magick thanks a lot... really helpful... been reading around here so I know what you said here are the main ideas in all the good posts in one single reply... now from what I read the other problem would be gettin MMB-CHIMNACA and not BB family member from the vendor sold as MMB ...I really hope that is not the case for CW... also a if you can mention a source for the herbs (that Raspberry you mentioned it sounds damn sweet ) fast and cheap in the europe would be much appreciated like your previous reply ...
CW are genuine, you'll get what you've ordered. Best source for most of the herbs is probably eBay or Amazon, you'll find a few dedicated sellers.

In a pinch, though, you may also be able to find raspberry leaf tea in a local health food store. Personally I quite like using spearmint, tastes a little different but it works. Most of these can be bought as loose leaf for teas etc.
Magick thanks for your fast reply and answers you are a good buddy !

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