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Hello from the desert
Hey there fellow psychonauts! Very thrilled to be here. I kind of stalked CRU and have been away for a while but I've decided I want to be a more involved member of the RC community. I'm pretty much into anything with psychoactive effects with an emphasis on sedatives. I only have a basic understanding of chemistry so please forgive me if ask a dumb question. I'm very curious and look forward to sharing knowlege, experiences, and opinions.
                - H
Welcome, welcome. The homepage chat/shoutbox is usually a good place to get a quick reply for any questions :)
Shame you left the joining so late, missed a lot of fun in the shoutbox and generally a much livelier site :(

Here's the question though,
Is it dumb to not ask a question and fail, or to ask a question and succeed?
They say pain is relative, it certainly feels like a relative of mine... One that I can't get rid of.
Hi H :-)

Yes you've largely missed the overt boat substance wise. We're still here though, because this place is unique. Welcome. Enjoy.
Well hi there harrisonneat. Welcome along, though I don't think you've posted here since. Sorry if I've missed you in the shoutbox. As for that last piece of wit from Dolar a few minutes ago, dealer it is....

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