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Hello Everybody...old Rave man presentation!!!

I m a new user a little older than the majority of users i think!!!
I m not English so excuse my level with this language.
I m in the world of drugs since 30 years now.I think that i tried all classics psychoactiv substance since first joint when i was 13y.old, but RCs is new for me!!!I discovered RCs world fiv years ago and now i m stimulant consumer.After my 16 years old i was a psychedelics user and tried all classics substance when internet was not yet existing.Between 16and 22 i took all kinds of trip and i was a micropoint fan!!!I dont know if you know what it is cause i dont know if this is the same name than in my country???It was the best Acid with a special form.They were like a very small tube or a paper pencil the wood pencil you can change when you want with a little gum (in French)to change all that you draw with and not a ink pencil!!!And the part of the middle that is the mine in french kind of unpermanent ink,the part wich is drawing in the middle of this pencil made of wood you must affut or with a kind of school tool with a little blade you can make the top like a slim point to be precise with what you are drawing or wrightin an"delay"when you draw something you want to change with this other tool i call a gum that everybody use when making a BD.A book with only drawn image for children first if you see what i want to explain....
And the Acid called Micropoints was one of the best Acid or Trip once a thing i dont know the Englsh expression.It was not like these LSD support,like a little piece of paper with four sides of a few milimetres  (the contrary of a circle in geometry.)
I m sorry but this is hard to speak of things i never use when i speak in English but everybody knows what s an Acid with a little bit of the original LSD liquid form!!! It was before new lysergics products compounds you can buy in Rcs shops but in powder form.They often have LSD in a part of their name.
Not a saturday night without when i was younger.The strongest drugs i ever knows and sometimes users made bads trips and stay blocked in their trip for month or years and became insane or fool and was going in psychiatrics hospital.This was before that MDMA become the king of parties.It was the brand new Free Rave Party fashion in the end of 80' and the 90' beginning and we was the first to organise free parties in the campain(country) with all psychedelics drugs like micropoints.Blacks was the strongest and there was yellow and reds.Reds was managable but with great hallcinanions!!!Black was completly hard to manage and when you deal with you always had uncontroled moments since you believed to be crazy for your whole life and yellow was the lighter but still very good.And in comparison MDMA was very light without any danger and felling to become crazy!!!
This was the time before i began to take hards drugs like cocain first and finnaly heroine to support and manage LSD crash or really hard comedown!!!(Not cool PVP comedown but a real setotonin lack!!!)And this is how party mens all became heroinoman cause taking some each comedown fist and step by step they become to mix these two drugs to have a really managable LSD effect and its true that with both drug no more stress and no bad feeling and that how i began to consume héroïne more and more before to became totaly addict!!!And lots of Ravers did the same and became to be reall toxicomens.The beginning of my stoty.I will continue later cause this is a long and true story of a"Space Drug Cow Boy"!!!
PS:1990 or the reall beginnig of RCs for you, friends of England!!!You just have to cross the street to buy your so famous regreted old MEPHEDRON!!!And in France not even a RC to taste!!!Just good old classics drugs and a new world was just born,RAVES WORLD you would knows if you were older cause after all this NEW WORLD ORIGINS are coming from England!!!You must know that!!!
Is there a ukchemicalresearch forum member of my generation???A man who maybe was one of the first activ RAVERS of the all beginning of this moovment???
IF YOU ARE EXISTING HERE LET ME KNOW PLEASE,I M INTRESTED BY ONE OF THE FIRST OF THEM!!!And maybe  famous tribes like PINGOUINS,SPACE TRIB and many others who build this WORLD with their own heads,living,eating,drinking,triping and feeling throughout RAVES!!!Real Builders and now LEGENDS!!! I met and knew some of them,first TRUCK HOMELESS and living a tribal existence together.Not a free party without their organisation and English ones was the first of these real TRAVELERS!!!Europ was their home and parties  their creations!!!Is there a witness here???I cant read each profile but i hope that if you was  living this period in this tribal world you make me knows and maybe talk of it!!?
By By littles Searchers or Researchers as you say in UK... (and learn i m SWIM!!!As they often say in English Forums but never in French ones)See you...
Quite interesting. 

Welcome to the community! 

As for the chemical elders, I believe most of the new researching era is built upon the knowledge and experience of young people, who are throwing themselves into the scene of research chemicals quite suddenly. 

I am quite young myself, and have never particularly delved into the world of harder, illegal drugs. I have never tried heroin, nor do I wish to ever come in contact with it. I have never tried methamphetamine, however, I understand there are many research chemicals floating around with the same strength of grip as this illegal compound. I have never used needles to get high, and I have never been intrigued by the idea. 

I have, however, been very interested in the research chemical community for the past four years, testing and experimenting with dozens of different stimulants, dozens of different psychedelic compounds, dozens of different tryptamines, and generally, too many different compounds to count. 

I have yet to meet someone who is of seniority who has pranced around as many unheard-of compounds as myself. This is what leads me to believe that our researching community is mainly composed of younger subjects, rather than older. I have found the more senior the character, the more insistent they are upon using illegal compounds, touting they are much better than the research chemicals we have today. 

It is nice to hear from you! 

I hope you're able to find someone you might be able to mingle with! 

Warm welcomes. :)
Hi Simpiicitee,

I m happy to met you and learn a little about you and the description you  draw of this brand new community for me!!!I was an activ member in a French Forum but after problems with some user mentality i decide to go and find a new community to have a new occasion to met youngs consumers that i respect even if there is an enorm diffrence between my generation and yours.
But now i only use Rcs and i stop each classics drugs cause now i ve tasted and tested each one of them i m happy to test new products and essentialy stimulants of all kind  but psychedelics ones cause i perfectly know what s a reall strong psychédéliques and i think it s a drug for young people mading experience with their brand new persônnal perceptions and tryptamines like lysergic acid compounds are made to learn thing on our individal personnality with the exchange with friends and discover new way of thinking and new feelings in each perception of us alone and with the other!!!
For me LSD and psylobicyn mushrooms was moment of new thoughts and idears that i will never had without the help of these drugs.Jim Morrison the famous DOORS  singer was like me at 20years old and always repeat that if our perception doors was washed,that is to say, if we could perceive things without the influence of our education and princips and knowledges all that are the definition of our  deep personnality all will appears to us in their complete truth...
Cause our opinions and idear and way of thnkng are the pure product of our children experiences and of all the valors that our parents have teach us and he was thinking that drugs like LSD wich was sold on the beach cause they was not forbbiden by law in USA in the 60's was a pefect way to change our perception as if we were childrens without pre-made idear a

nd yet not conditionned or formated by idears and thoughts of our parents and of society,so it was the best state and mood to see the things and behaviors of others in a pure way to build new prrsonnality and to change and progress and be free of the chains that education and influences from the others put on our minds and made of us what we are deeply but with psychedelics all of that was for a momen leaving us and we could think free and have new experiences that build in us lots of new way to see and think and with them we become  a new man more sensible and readdy to learn things that without the drug we would never see and feel so that s for all these reasons that truth or justice or racism for exemple became  impossible reality  to  feel and all appeared in a pure sens of justice and eqality and all of that build us a new  personnality and in the same time it s a kind of rebirth!!!Something wich teach us to be better and new and to become a new person who is now more able to think with better intentions and leave all fake perception we all have at a moment or another.
I hope i m clear cause i try but i got a big lack of vocablary!!!
But after years of these drug influence i believe that there are true things in this way of thnking but the problem is that sometimes things we live with such a senibility under the influence of these drugs become sometimes a traumatism and can induce a really bad trip.
And i think that of all these new knowledges we do not KEEP all our new sensations and idear wich made of all these experience lots of inusefull perceptions and do not always change us deeply!!!
The big part is often quickly forgiven and all these experience are éphémère in french that is to say that idears and perception we often find very intresting and we believe to see the truth but beeing older you realise that there is not one truth but many truth and nothing is a universal truth or idear and finnaly the truth do not exist but everybody got his own truth and psychedelics do not teach a lot but just make us living exexperiences diffrents for each of us and after the end of the trip we finnaly didnt change a lot as we believived during this trip so where is the reall interest if you dont learn of such an intense experience sometimes good but sometimes bad and when its bad it can be trally bad!!!

For these reasons i stopped thinking that each experience was rich and learned me important things and i finish by needed a drug that only use to be physicaly and spiritualy really comfortabe and mentally too!!!
That s why after cocaïne i learn the well beeing of héroïne pure quiet feeling and make the reality to go away and have only well beeing and not a second of stress or anxious feeling that with psychedelics you always feel during moments but héroïne bring me just a kind of orgasmic rush like cocaine and now this is stimulants that make me enjoy each simple moment with the serotonin rush that induce well beeing and put me out of reality and that s exactly what i need of a drug!!!!
To forget good and bad and reality and just be well in his mind without anxious feeling and negativ things.I must say that i dont know what is a comrdown or stress even with big dosage of the strongest stimulants like a lot of people!!!

Sorry for this long post but i explain the diffrence of my choce of drug at 20 years old and now at 43!!!
So Simplicitee now you know what are my difftence between my 16 and my 40...
Fitst i wanted extrême expérience and with a reflexion as with psychedelics!!!
Now and since i am 22 i want a drug that bring me only well beeing and not deep reflexions no just tp forget my sad présent and put me in a posotiv mood only with no stress and long reflexons on the life reason and significatiôn to change deeply cause i know this is pure illusion and that a drug is not gonna change me in a better man!!!I do not believe in the teaching of a drug new idear or way of thnking cause i know that once its over nothing rest and reality is back with its good and its bad sides!!!

I THINK THAT S ENOUGH FOR TONIGHT AND NOW I NEED A LITTLE RUSH BEFORE THE END OF THE EAVENING at 1h40m!!!This is time fo my last pleasure  and to have the first meal of the day and after comedown i will drink one or two beers and will finnaly go to bed in about tree hours and the end of this overstimulation tht i apreciate a lot cause my pleasures are easy to feel and just explanations of my way to take a drug and not another is enough to enjoy the momet and dont be apathic as i am normaly when i dont consume anything to change my deep way to exist wich is just an empty feeling with the sensation that everything are unusefull and i enjoy nothing and i m just anxious of the futur with no passion nor exittion and i prefer to drink and foget after with hours of sleep to be out of me and to stop to onlu think to my problems!!! What a best reason to use drugs than be another everyday???

Good night everybody ...
I couldn't read the wall of text propel but saw keywords like oldlskool rave..

I will read properly again when my vision returns but yeah.. been partying for many may years.. and still am..

Have helped organise and run many large events and love to do squats and free parties...

Hope you're all enjoying your Friday night <3

PS: It only let me post ne video :(((((( dibble post incoming..

Merge that shizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz <3

Merge me up baaaaby <3

Merry XMAS BTW.. it's coming :DDDDDDDDDD
Thanks for this sympathic reply and sorry for this long post and even generally but when i have something to say i m prolix and very long in my explanations!!!
I have seen that each post are often very short but beeing a STIMULANT big user words are coming like idears.A lot of things to say and as i am french i have a big lack of vocabulary that made me be more explicit to be sure to be anderstood so this is a way to be clear,and i like to share my experience with details so i wright wall texts as you say and maybe am i boring finaly but i cant anderstand post with experiences on three lines!!!

Your little videos had made me remember lots of things even if we were more doing free party in the nature and not in centre town!!!But sometimes cops were there too and it was this kind of relations we had with them!!!
But in the reall beginning they was not often here cause everythings was secret and information was given step by step at the last moment.We often decide of many meeting place on the littles empty roads of the out of town and lots of cars was waiting for next phone call to know the way to arrive to the final place so it was very discreet and in these years cops was generally not in confidence and let us quiet and alone.So not a lots of fights but really secret littles party with just iniciates person in confidence at the last moment with few reall contated leaders that each cars was following till the place of the party.No reall urban parties!!!

But ambiance or general mentality was looking like what i saw in your video.Cops began to be systematicly there in the middle of 90's and it was a new mentality with biggrest partirs and people that we never invit puting the shit in the general peace wich was our leitmotiv in the first years of this secret movment with only people who knows organisation tribs and it was moe confident in ambiant metality!!!No violence,no cops,no fucking person just here to stole dealers and to put a street jungle mentality in newest biggest unconconfident big party with fights and sometimes a really bad ambiance and to finish reall hackers specalist of the violence and not here with a peace mood like  real ravers!!!

Thanks for these more recent videos who show me what you could live during these new period of the movment!!!For me the end of reall first peacefull and secretfull free party of the all beginning!!!!

See you Tails

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