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Happy Birthday Blod
I know she's been even more absent than me around these parts, but she's had bloody good reason to, and lives to enjoy another birthday, something that wasn't a certainty a few months ago

Blod had a life-altering medical crisis before Xmas & long story short, basically has to shit in a bag for the rest of her life - hasn't phased her one little bit, she's actually feeling better than she was before her colon came to a head, so to speak

I know that the death of Foolsgold (who Blod had far more involvement in trying to help behind the scenes than anyone else will ever know) was instrumental to her falling out of love with this forum, but who knows, the spark may yet be reignited

This.....is real life
Aw, happy birthday Blodwyn!!!

Don't fall out of love with this magical place :-)
Have a lovely day xx
They say pain is relative, it certainly feels like a relative of mine... One that I can't get rid of.
Happy Birthday Blodwyn. Have a good one!
This is outrageous. This is contagious. So futile.
Belated happy birthday. Hope you're doing well.
'Why can't I be different and original
Like everybody else?'
(Vivian Stanshall)
Oh my god I can't believe foolsgold died, I remember that guy, rip.

And I hope you are okay Blodwyn, you made a beautiful thing here.

Love xx

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