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HELP - severe spastic colon after cocaine
Hey guys. 

I took 1.5s of cocaine over the space of two days. I only ate two bananas In a day and a half.

So on Friday and Saturday nights I done cocaine. 
Sunday I went to the girlfriends. I had first meal at about 2, I had an oxy after.

2 hours later I was in severe pain. It comes in waves. This has been going on for four days now. It is incredibly painful. I cannot do anything and struggle to breathe. My stomach is making constant loud noises. I'm burping excessively.

These attacks can be so severe I am literally writhing around in bed. I cannot focus or speak. 

I have been to the out of hours doctor. She checked me over.  Said I'm fine from her examination  and that I need to follow an ibs diet and no more drugs. 

Has anyone else had this before. I have never had anything like this and I am really scared it's never going to go away.
Did you disclose the drug use to the doctor? Is it possible the cocaine could have been cut with something? Levamisole, which is a common cutting agent, can have gastro side effects, so that might be a relevant factor.
Yes I told her and she said it's probably from not eating and 2 days of cocaine.

It must be a cut. Whatever it is, it's fucked up my gi tract for 4 days now this will be the fifth day :( just wanna be back to normal.

Whenever I eat an hour so later it starts and it hurts so much
With the usual non-doctor disclaimers, I hadn't heard of these problems before so had a look around. There do seem to be a bunch of gastric problems resulting from cocaine use, ranging from the almost mundane to the actually pretty terrifying, this from a standard search: https://www.google.co.uk/search?client=o...8&oe=UTF-8

That top result details blood tests for the most serious condition and I wonder if any of those tests were carried out and what was measured. In this case the patient was 19 years old, so the problems are unlikely to be from chronic use. I'm not trying to scare, it's the last thing I'd want to do, but you're obviously concerned. 

The Oxy probably didn't do your pipes much good either, but what you're describing does sound a bit rough. If you mentioned cocaine to the doctor, presumably serious possibilities were taken into account. If the doctor gave you some indication of expected recovery time, it would certainly seem wise to get back in touch if you still have problems after that point, particularly if you're experiencing so much pain regardless of diet.

This is probably the least alarming link and talks about the most common issue being tenderness in a specific region: https://www.drugrehab.us/news/gastrointe...ine-abuse/
'If you're one of those who can, make certain that you do."
Okay the symptoms have become less frequent but I'm still getting a one to two attacks a day.
Very burpy. Flatulence.

I am not a regular cocaine user.

Shall I contact my doctor if this is still Persisting a week from now?
It sounds positive that your symptoms are getting better. If you're concerned, though, you should seek medical advice.

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