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Guardian News Report - Rockness Fatality
(11-06-2012, 08:37 AM)Dragon Wrote: I say make legals illegal and illegals legal nothing I know that's illegal lasts 24 sodding hours.

* Renton gets Dragon some DOI
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Haha, I was thinking that.
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There's a fair few things that can't be made illegal that last well over 24 hours that Dragon might enjoy...

Datura... (LOL!)
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Almost everyone I know thinks the exact opposite.

They happily take illegals but stay away from legals citing the lack of long term side-effect profiles. Some refuse to take them altogether. Almost all see legals as more dangerous than the established, "tried and tested" illegals.

Not really complaining about it though as, like when I used to smoke Gambian B&H Golds, I never have to share anything because no-one will touch the stuff :angel:
Same here and same argument from people addany! because of course we all know the long term effect of sniffing glass or Nippon ant powder contained in illegals!!! LOL
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Ha, yes.

The irony of complaining about the unknown effects of legals but buying street coke is lost on them.
Try a little meth and see how long it is before you sleep. 2 hours of feeling great, 3-4 hours still high, 14 hours before sleep after that, and that's if you don't redose. There is bad effects with both legals and illegals, but with th illegals you know what to expect. Oh the joys of being guinea pig.
Another news piece on this.. looks like the blame is being pinned on Benzo Fury..

Dead teenager's parents warn of 'legal high' risks
Quote:Northern Constabulary have so far refused to directly link Heriot's death with the drugs he took until they receive a detailed toxicological report and post mortem test results, which could take several weeks to complete. But they confirmed that the drug use was a major line of enquiry.

Two others hospitalised.

Couldn't have been 6-APB that was taken then, unless all three were playing the chem equivalent of a drinking game.

(11-06-2012, 02:28 PM)Knothing Wrote: Try a little meth

No ffs :P

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