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Good Schools or Colleges to Become a Chemist
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This may seem like a stupid question, but I am interested in pursuing a career as a chemist or work in the field of chemistry. What are some of the best schools, programs, or colleges to help me pursue this goal?
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for  chemistry... it's actually a pretty wide subject when you get to higher education.

Oxford, Cambridge and Durham seem to be up there, Imperial College London and Cardiff university also have a very good rep for chemistry (Cardiff tends to do better for actual post-grad prospects

If you want to get into pharmaceuticals or just drug design research it's still wide, and you'll need a decent background in human biology to really succeed at those areas.

If you want to get into learning how drugs interact with the brain Imperial College might be your best bet due to David Nutt's involvement.

I know a couple of people studying Chemistry at Durham (albeit industrial chemistry) and i've not heard a bad word about their time (both more than 3 years in now)

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