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Genre's you wanted to like but couldn't
could never get into soft machine strangely enough as i do like a lot of bands in a similar vein
vampire.alt.preteen.fiction - always wanted to like it, but never did anything for me.
don't think of this as the end, think of it as a chance to make new friends with dealers
Steve I think something like physical activity it might be better and healthier if I liked it more (actually probably fairly active and fit) but I can't say I can remember ever worring about or wanting to like a genre of music I don't like, just enjoy what I do like. You can still pay Johnny Cash or anyone else his dues if you feel they deserve merit but not like it, music art etc doesn't appeal just to the rational mind.
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(12-11-2015, 07:59 PM)ralhar Wrote: but early on there was the dream team... the anthill mob... chris mac... and the sublime roy davis jr "gabrielle"...

also todd edwards did some really interesting stuff if you don't mind the god element....

The garage music posted earlier is really good, please post more
Special Brew
This.....is real life
I also wanted to like Hawkwind when I was young as I was into metal and psychedelia and I thought they'd satisfy both urges, but I ended up sticking with early Pink Floyd instead.
Pink Floyd is boring to me
(15-01-2016, 05:59 PM)herpaderpa Wrote: Pink Floyd is boring to me

I don't listen to the stadium prog rock which they're most famous for either, but got interested in the Syd Barrett story and gave their first album a go and quite liked it. Take it you may be a Hawkwind fan herpaderpa?
I didnt like genesis or yes for some reason
(12-12-2015, 12:00 PM)SteveBrule44 Wrote: Aye Ralhar I was being a bit sarcastic about garage

LOL I see...

(12-12-2015, 11:33 PM)Xochipilli Wrote: but I can't say I can remember ever worring about or wanting to like a genre of music I don't like, just enjoy what I do like.

Yes good reply... and many musicians hate all this categorisation...

I actually saw hawkwind play live when I was about 9 or 10... my dads mate lived with us in a spare room and was well into all kinds of music and thought we should all pile down there... i don't remember much about the music but loved being out at night and being in the crowd etc...

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