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Genre's you wanted to like but couldn't
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Always thought Bob Marley and the reggae scene was awesome but found very little in it I could listen to, the same with ska. I bought several King Tubby albums and tried and tried but could only find small parts within I could enjoy. 

Also anything that seems to be below a certain speed or hardness usually turns me off no matter how hard I try. I want to love Johnny Cash but can't, but for some reason can with Nick Drake. 

This seems strange to me because a) II like a lot of music which is clearly influenced by the music, and B) usually if I put my mind to it I enjoy a lot of real earache type stuff, black metal, harsh electronica. And going back to slow tempo it's fine with me if electronic and/or dark, but acoustic or happy and I'm not there. 

Anyone else relate?
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Haha well that's interesting because that is one genre I didn't want to like it but... So Solid man.... How can you not adore those little rascals.
Metal. Some mates are into that scene and the girls in it are very fit but it's just not something I can get into.
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(12-11-2015, 12:13 AM)WeAreScientists Wrote: Metal. Some mates are into that scene and the girls in it are very fit but it's just not something I can get into.

history lesson

have to agree with garage (uk 2 step)... Quickly became disappointing and quite sickly (all that faux sexiness)... there were some sublime moments early on but it got picked up by the majors who were still kicking themselves over missing out on D&B and it just got raped and pillaged... also there was an awful snobbish element to the scene and it ultimately got what it deserved... the beckhams.

i think so solid et al may have been better off and done some good stuff if they had been underground but in the end it was just pop music soon forgotten...

but early on there was the dream team... the anthill mob... chris mac... and the sublime roy davis jr "gabrielle"...

also todd edwards did some really interesting stuff if you don't mind the god element....


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Pop rock.

Pop rock
Gogo edm
Trap music
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(11-11-2015, 05:24 PM)Renton Wrote: Garage
Deep House, Techno (Ugh so pretentious), Metal of any description, Grime. I've passingly dabbled in all of them, real popular, if you don't like one you'll like the other, but I just can't get in amongst it. I tried, really did, but the music of my peers and local club nights sucks so much.
Sorry late replies on this.

Aye Ralhar I was being a bit sarcastic about garage, I ws a metal head and only saw those ones that made it into the pop charts but will check out your suggestions.

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