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Noticed this elsewhere, and realised that there is no thread for this compound. I know a few vendors had it, some of whom have dropped it since (but seems to still be available from at least one vendor).

Not surprised! I assume most of those who have been using it have got this heads-up - but for HRs sake and cos I love ya just the way you are flowers

Quote:WADA issues alert on GW501516
March 21, 2013
It has come to WADA’s attention that the black market substance GW501516 is being sold to and used by some athletes.

The side effect of this chemical compound is so serious that WADA is taking the rare step of warning “cheats” to ensure that there is complete awareness of the possible health risks to athletes who succumb to the temptation of using GW501516 for performance enhancement.

GW501516 was a developmental drug that was withdrawn from research by the pharmaceutical company and terminated when serious toxicities were discovered in pre-clinical studies.

Clinical approval has not, and will not be given for this substance.

However, GW501516 has been available for some months on the black market, through the Internet and elsewhere. Anti-Doping authorities have already seen its use by athletes, as there are a number of positive cases.

Please pass this information on to your athletes as soon as possible.

Quote:GW501516, a non-genotoxic PPARδ agonist, was assessed for carcinogenic potential by daily administration (oral gavage) to Han Wistar rats for a period of 104 weeks. Males were given 0, 5, 15 or 30mg/kg/day for the first 6 weeks of the study. For the remainder of the study males were given 0, 5, 20 or 40 mg/kg/day. Females were given 0, 3, 10 or 20 mg/kg/day for the entire study. GW501516 produced test article-related neoplastic findings in multiple tissues at all doses.
http://www.toxicology.org/AI/Pub/Tox/2009Tox.pdf [no. 895]

Of course, findings in rats don't necessarily translate to human use. But I think you'd have to be quite a chancer to play with the potential of widespread cancer.
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I did email brc drawing their attention to an articile someone had posted on here or geezas forum. They didn't reply but a few days later the product mysteriously disappeared from their website.

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I used this them for a month ended up with chest and back injury because it goes help to improve your performance but your muscle fiber and bones etc are not as strong as you feel them so if you will lift anything heavy will end up injured probably.
It gave me extra stamina but think it's too dangerous to take regularly
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Moved the Ostarine/MK-2866 posts to the Ostarine/MK-2866 thread.
My posts here are ludicrous manifestations of my vivid imagination. Stories are like gateways into the world of those portrayed. I'm living vicariously thru the experiences of those  characters by telling their story.
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Do buckledbonzi know about the dangers of this? They have it listed on their site still in pellet form. It would be horrific to think they are aware and continue to sell something like this.
Now that i have seen how many site are offering GW501516 with little informatiomn about the possible dangers of it i am appalled. i assumed that when mela posted the info about it here so long agao and the same information was up on BL along with a few weight lifting forums that most vendors would have removed this product from their inventory. Looks like only BRC gave a shit.

If anyone has been taking this compound it is very important to get checked out as soon as possible. You should let your doctor know you have been taking this and for how long. The best treatment known for cancer is early detection, the sooner you know the better your prognosis.
My posts here are ludicrous manifestations of my vivid imagination. Stories are like gateways into the world of those portrayed. I'm living vicariously thru the experiences of those  characters by telling their story.
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I have read your post and found it really nice and most informative. I would like to say thanks to you that you share this post here with us. Keep sharing please.
Interestingly one of the very few rc-substances (along with 5-IT), which has been taking from the market because of out-of-the ordinary dangers. But this shows how crucial it is, to share as much information as possible, when people are playing 'guinea pig'.
still available from some more bb oriented sites...

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