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Formula X?! dafuq?
The logic that people will buy any old rubbish if it makes money and is a pretty yellow colour?
To make our own minds up based on our customer feedback really.
So far so good. If they dont work out then we will scrap them.
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Vendor that cares about money > morals clearly blod :P

Too many of those
ned - i just wanted a code to go and hav a look but yee hav ruined it now acting like scientolagists with the code...seriously yee say im a prick just take a step back there
So if a customer says it's good, then it must be ok... right?

Apologies if I'm missing something (I haven't been keeping up) but what makes these pellets any worse than straight up 5-EAPB (which from what Ive gathered ain't bad but not exactly fireworks)?
Surely some added stim and tryptamine will only potentiate things? or is there a negative interaction I've overlooked

But Fury X was the biggest sham in the book, overpriced and exactly *identical* to the aMT pellets BuckledB also stocked
[Image: EP0cMqo.png?1]
Just ordered two of these, got them free from BB with an order over £30. They interest me 'cause I had a great time with 5-EAPB and MPA so I will report back after I have tested.
(07-09-2013, 06:56 PM)TemplarMusic Wrote: Fury X is AMT, no idea what formula x is though. Should be interesting to see.

Are you being serious? Fury X seems like a ridiculous name for AMT...
The Daily Mail will love it eh thumbup
[Image: 6wC70Pw.png]

Formula X are apparently a mix of 5-EAPB, DALT and MPA. In previous experiments with 5-EAPB, I had more success combining 5-MeO-DALT or aMT so interested to try later. 

I like the name tbh. Can't wait to try the 'Candy Flip' (bk-2c-b/5-EAPB) pellets when they land.
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Formula X are blend of 5-MeO-DALT, 2-AI and Methiopropamine (MPA)

and here find one expierince


I've no idea what is in this but I ended up in hospital after taking it, my lips and hands went blue and i couldn't stop vomiting. Avoid this drug as it is going to be the next big killer drug, I feel I was lucky to have survived that night. 

sounds bad. blink

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