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These are huge in Sweden currently. Major metabolite of Flunitrazepam. Suppose you could call them NorFlunitrazepam or DesmethylFlunitrazepam. Also going under the name Rohyzepam. The Swedes are very fussy about Benzos but looking at a well known Swedish forum there is pretty broad agreement that its very similar to Flunitrazepam and roughly equipotent. I know everyone won't agree but this sounds a much better project than the other Flunitrazepam analogue Nifoxipam. Flunitazolam also seems generally well regarded but is maybe not quite as potent as hoped/feared. Definitely one to look up if you find yourself in a country where its legal.

Forum is moribund. Can't really see the point of it any more. It was a blast but its over. People use the shoutbox to gossip and talk about what they are up to but there is no Chemical Research. No RCs nothing to talk about. Wish I could go and live in Portugal or Spain and spend weekends on 2 FA and other interesting new RCs. Wish we could have this one its on par with its parent Flunitrazepam, beats Alprazolam, Clonazepam etc by a country mile. See OS is trading abroad, good for him but the UK is finished. R.I.P

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