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Follow the shadowpeople that pulls you around.
yeah i don't really see actual people except that one time i went on a 6 day mdpv binge years ago
that was the day a tree trunk chased me around because it took the form of a severed head calling my name then there were the shadow kids on bikes singing nursery rhymes

i wouldn't say I'm scared of dimly lit rooms but some nights i sit at my computer and stare at a dark space in the room and start thinking about those scary shadows Happy

I've seen figures from the corners of my eyes loads of times when binging on stims. Saw a full on figure in front of my door looming ominously in front of me before after 4 days awake on 3FPM. Sometimes they appear like bats floating around in the sky. Also seen them when withdrawing from benzos. Never thought of them as anything more than a warning sign that psychosis was on the way. Very amused by some of the comments in this thread, but have enjoyed reading them. Some very interesting theories!
This is outrageous. This is contagious. So futile.
Well, I've had a good hunt around and there are as many theories as there are reports. And there are many hundreds of reports.

Shadow people of one sort or another have been recorded by virtually every civilization with a written language, so whatever the experience is, it seems to be universal across humanity. There's shitloads on youtube. Plenty of crazies involved too.

I only found one image that gives the impression, if not the actual visuals, of my own experience. And timing-wise it's almost always happened on the 4th night of sleeplessness, when I'm literally too tired to sleep.

If I try to see them too closely they vanish, like floaters.
the usual preocuppation with the subject of 'what to do with life? what's the 'right' thing to do?' (what other question to ask) led me to consider the subconscious influences of action, the way that we operate beyond/beneath/outside of the speaking, commanding level of self that we think with. I decided to let the urges lead me and yeah, the semi-random motion isn't entirely random, it lead to some interesting stuff, like following the urge to look a direction without knowing why would reveal something of interest their. The only way to truly test a theory is to destruction, so pursue the idea more extensively... a bit dangerous though, perhaps? The problem I had was the urge could become stronger the more I humoured it, and seemed disruptive - made people think I might be going crazy. At times the urge was so strong it became hard to fight, like a hand pushing me, so I turned my back on it - maybe there was something to it, but maybe not worth jeopardising my sanity for.

it all seems part of a bigger picture though. The beings I encounter on my trips often bear messages or want to impress, it seems. They are typically humanoid or deity-like versions of animals. Apparently we share neurotransmitters with animals from evolutionary descent (acetylcholine from lobsters, 250 million years ago), so it's not impossible to think at some level our deep memory (genetic, spiritual?) could be recalling it's lobster days, so appear to us as lobster humanoid. Your form cross lobster.

I don't know how all these fragments connect, but the only 'real' thing i've seen (no drugs) was a real cat.. it was a shadow passing over my feet in reality, but I saw a full cat. I guessed my mind was filling the gaps... survival of the quickest, better to see what may be to give me better response times. The 'chitauli' are apparently black shadow people represented in many cultures - and holy fucking shit, just googled it and who popped up but the lizard man I saw on my last acid trip that i'd been thinking about before writing this post http://www.thinkaboutit-aliens.com/wp-co...36x300.jpg . K and acid, a way of moving and enterring the sahdows/my mind where psychedelia many levels up from my trip could engulf me, and there he was, making eye contact. Enter the mind. I hadn't connected him to the chitauli before just now, more the idea of lizard beings that goes around. I think it may have something to do with the collective conscious, the psychedelic... possibly the same thing that drives these posts. The genova project. A multicellular being is an evolved community of unicellular beings... when individuals become so integrated into their community/culture/civilisation etc they can't survive without it. There's lot's of this stuff, shared hallucinations. it's weird shit.

I saw a zebra with a sandwich board on DMT, with letters written on it. I struggled to read them, but could not... I struggled so hard I upset myself and the trip got dark. What do I care about more, figuring it out or a good trip? I let it go, and had a good trip. that seemed to be the lesson their.
"the worlds your lobster"

i dont usually see people or anything identifiable but have seen shadows in the past... i more often start to hear things and get para when ive over done it though...

but i do remember once sitting in the park on my own on meph and thinking there were people in the shadows spying on me, trying to sneak up then ducking back when i spotted them... i thought it was local kids and i sat there for hours trying to focus on them wondering what they wanted... then it got light and i realised i was just on my own... meph used to make me really strange... i would do weird things like sit in the park on my own at 3am and i'd be a strange mix of scared but curious...

i remember sniffing lighter gas or tippex thinners as a kid (we didnt know any better) and properly tripping out seeing an alien / maggot thing on a rock wearing shades calling me (LOL)... i seemed to be slowly zooming in on it but luckily someone shook me out of it... i'm sure that something bad would have happened if they hadn't brought me round... but this was totally tripped out like having a dream not seeing alongside my physical surroundings...

i wouldnt recommend following or engaging with any hallucinations

i think whats been said about increased sensitivity and reception is true and can be used... if you use affirmations when stimmed up they work really powerfully... i try to think of something when coming down and unable to sleep... force yourself to replace the negative circular thoughts with a positive affirmation and the results can be supercharged...

actually now I come to think of it the alien / maggot dude in shades on a rock could have actually been some kind of lobster...

Blankets screw you up. Just say no.
I think that, in all likeliness, it's all in your head. doesn't mean there's not anything to it...

My phone voice recognition software just interpreted 'likeliness' as 'like penis'. And 'interpreted' as 'exhausted'. It seems both interesting/revealing and entertaining to me, beyond mere coincidence but not worth going nuts over. It's all good.

Did I commit Internet faux pas by reviving a dead thread? (reviving interpreted as by phone as 'revising') I never understood that idea, the past seems present in terms of relevance to me.
(15-01-2017, 05:11 PM)mdb1977mdb Wrote: Have you ever had the feeling as if some one is pulling you or just a bodypart around while on stim?
Have you ever followed this attraction or do you always go against it? I'm very interested in this please tell me?

On first answer I will tell you my theory.

In Buddhism breathing is used as a way to most directly experience the sensation that breathing is something you're simultaneously doing according to your will, and also something happening to you completely out of your control. The idea being that through this you may eventually lose the illusion that what you do and what happens to you are different.

I think this phenomena you're talking about (unless you're actually schizophrenic)  is certain peoples interpretation of the various ways we can experience that sensation of being tossed around in a storm where we have no power and everything is just happening to us. When we feel like all our decisions aren't even really our own and I can imagine if someone were so predisposed imagine whatever force it is at work as some kind of personified entity.

After all we do even ordinarily talk about ourselves in the 3rd person as if we're multiple people, the most simple being the image of ourselves as one half the conscious self you identify with, the other half your unconscious. We're very conflicted about our unconscious self and really quite suspicious  of it. We spend so much time frustrated in life as if we're in a battle with our unconscious that seems to either want to do something different to us  while having such a strong influence. We can't even understand it as sometimes it seems to be intelligent and other times completely stupid and irrational. At times we often feel like we're being compelled to do things we know we don't want to do,  such as it is with addiction someone can feel like they're powerless to stop their unconscious self sort of puppeting them around.

So it's not even just the feeling that you're this powerless intelligent being but lacking any agency over your life that's at the mercy of some cosmic blind and stupid energy, but that at the same time a very profoundly defined aspect that seems to be pushing you around seems intrinsically bound to you seemingly buried in the darkness behind it all at the centre of yourself. It doesn't seem like a blind force of nature but an intelligence, it often doesn't feel like you because so often it seems to want things that are different to what you want and we often talk about it as if it has such control over us that we need to "trick" it in order to let us do what we want.

This can easily be represented as your "shadow". The more we feel what we want is different to what our shadow wants, the more we become aware of it's existence and more like a puppet. The problem being that the more disconnection we feel from our shadow the less we identify with it as ourselves and more it seems indistinguishable from anything else that seems to be causing things to happen to us.

So if that feeling is felt strongly and vividly enough I can understand how someone might imagine this  force as a kind of intelligent ethereal darkness with human-like form literally pushing and pulling them around. 

We've come up with an incredible number of creative ways to represent our existential experience, many of which people take very seriously and that's why we get people that insist they've experience all kinds of things. They really did experience something but then their imagination attempted to make sense of it so they can feel the security that they "know" what happened to them.

I also think this may be what multiple personality disorder actually is. Where we might talk about ourselves as like having different sides, some of which have conflicting desires to each other. The simplest depiction being that of the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other. I suggest it's possible the lack of identification with these aspects leads to an increasing sense of fragmentation, so much so that basically it's someone whose existential crisis has led to a serious mental illness from being unable to deal with reconciling the often contradictory nature of their own experience.

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