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Fluorobut (4F-Phenibut)
(14-03-2016, 07:36 PM)RSaddicted Wrote: I hate having to order from New Mind, but I'm really curious about this one. I also created a thread about it in the Nootropics section lol.
I find F-Phenibut to be totally different from regular Phenibut. One has to be very careful as the dose is around 100gm to 200gm and from what I read if you OD on it it will F*** you up.
I've been taking 150gm I measure on a small scale and than hand fill capsules. I also take a permanent marker and write a P on the top. Since the ink is toxic I may change and just mark with a dot. I'm respecting this stuff and wouldn't want to confuse the capsule and take over my 150gm dose.

I find the effect from the F-Phenibut to be much more subtle than regular Phenibut. With a 150 mg dose. It just improves my mood and energy level. Unlike other reports I don't find it to be sedating at all. In fact I didn't sleep well after taking it later in the day and ended up taking a xanax to sleep.

I don't get the sedation of Phenibut. As mentioned below I can't sleep if I take it at night. I don't get the Blessed Phenibut Sleep and tiredness. BTW it's very strange because I haven't heard other users describing that they are reacting to it like me

I'm unlike many on the forums that say they are taking it to get high. I'm only looking to feel good not for F***** Up Euphoria.

Recently I was at a trade show in Los Vegas and I took it every night for 2-3 days. The first night of the Trade Show I won over a 1000 dollars. I never drink or take drugs when I gamble because it affects my judgement but F-Phenibut didn't do that at all. It was a great gambling drug!

Anyway after taking it for 3 days as mentioned above, I haven't taken F-Phenibut since last night and I don't feel any rebound anxiety or withdrawal symptoms. Also I didn't feel like I had built a tolerance to it. But I'm going to respect it.

The plan for the week is I will have had a day off it and take it tomorrow morning (Saturday ) than Sunday and not take it for at least two days. If I do get a rebound or withdrawal than I'll just do what I did with Kratom and taper off and than only take it 1x or 2x a week. Or not at all.
I've found it to be very anxiolytic but not the slightest bit sedating. When it wears off I don't feel tired. In fact I don't really feel it wearing off.

By the way I take small dose of Kratom every day. Just 4gm. I tapered Kratom from 14gm-20gm down to 4gm and it was effortless to taper and I can now feel that I can skip taking Kratom. I don't feel any withdrawal pains if I don't take it for a day.

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If you want the blessed 8 hour minimum sleep from Phenibut take at noon at latest. Later and the dopamine type effects override the GABAb. This is for experienced users: buy a bottle of wine but only drink it late on. No idea what mechanisms are at work but it enhances both . GHB would be the nearest ( say 1-2mg dose) Music is better than weed. Mixed 30mg of Baclofen with 2 G of But taking the fen late on and it too enhanced both. Please don't try this until you know your ideal Pheni dose or go over a bottle of wine. Must be the two GABAb's mixing not sure i want the new analogue if it ain't broke don't fix it. Baclofen is pretty useful for sleep although a 4AM re-dose is usually needed. For some reason GABAb allows far more leeway than GABAa and Diazepam sensitive sites in particular. Still twice a week is plenty. Could well be the future of Alcohol detoxes. No real buzz and compulsion to re-dose with Baclofen and seems to stabilise patients better than Librium. Most drinkers then crave it instead. Great Muscle relaxant too and tolerance to it for that use develops very slowly for most. The low doses needed for active effects even taking into account a different structure suggests pheni's GABAb binding might not be so high. Think Pfizer got the idea for Gabapentin and Pregabalin from pheni and analogues pretty close structurally. To say I had doubts about limited addiction potential of both is a massive understatement. Have a damaged nerve and get reasonable relief from Phenibut too.

niamh edited 30-10-2017 11:33 PM this post because:

Please don't suggest that people combine GABAergic drugs like phenibut with alcohol. This is a bad idea and could potentially have fatal outcomes (yes, even for "experienced users")


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