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Fluorobut (4F-Phenibut)
(19-03-2016, 05:20 PM)herpaderpa Wrote: I love phenibut. Please someone give report on this.

Hi on reddit there is a reasonably extensive thread. Some users report there. It varies in how it is perceived. Some say 5 times phenibuts strength whereas others go for 10 times it strength. I think it is at least as interesting how fast tolerance kicks in.
I have no tolerance issues with Phenibut as long as there is a six day gap between doses. Baclofen does not induce tolerance as quickly but i have read the withdrawals are much worse than Phenibut's once it does trap you. Its interesting that Baclofen is an established prescription drug in the West as anything originating in the old Eastern Bloc is generally avoided like the plauge by Big Pharma due to the inability to fleece ill people because its already patented. Baclofen must be an awesome Myorelaxant to have made it. Curiously Russian literature regarding Phenibut down-plays tolerance issues to a quite astouding degree. One article bemoaned the needed 1/3 increased doasge to keep efficiacy after 3 weeks of daily use!!!!. After 3 weeks you would be utterly dependant and the dose would have rose by at least 3-400% and that's being charitable, i would think possibly it would be more. It would be nice to be able to use Pheni more often as the confident relaxed feeling plus the unrivalled sleep it provides is like a holiday but then if became the norm you wouldn't appreciate it as much. Can't see how any GBL type effects would come about as the magic comes mainly from the GHB receptor, the GABAb effects are mainly the sedative side and only kick in at higher doses. Doubt Flurobut has affinty for the GHB receptor and the reduced tolerance will probably mean losing the Dopamine type lift in exchange but insomniacs will probably gladly swap. Wonder if there are any other Phenibut analogues possible/probable.
Haha....I described phenibut like a holiday too. Just for the sleep and how I awaked. Everything seemed so tranquil, I was so extremely well rested and the day was really great. I remember that day well. I had to work in my new house and biked in the Sunny morning to my new house 10 km away. For sure the splendid weather helped a lot, but it was like a holiday.

Once per 6 days is too much I would have needed to raise above 1 gram I think to achieve the same effect. So I do it once 10-14 days. Fluorophenibut would be nice if I could use it once every 5 days. I have a feeling though that benzo use (also once per week) might affect its effect. May be without benzo (mostly 2 mg etiz or 2,4 nitrazolam) use I could use phebut a bit more often...

Indeed tolerance is one thing but dependence is not what I like either. I will read on reddit for some more info.
any other vendors other than newmind selling Fluorobut-4F-Phenibut
Point me to the right forum for Phenibut and buying some in the uk
(03-04-2016, 03:52 PM)craig2010 Wrote: Point me to the right forum for Phenibut and buying some in the uk

http://www.mindfoods.eu. 100G of excellent Phenibut for £20. Other interesting health foods, biotanicals, babywoodrose seeds etc. Various payment options. Choose pay by Phone to get a Paypal invoice. No UK illegals.
I thought he was talking about F-Phenibut.chin

The original Phenibut is available literally everywhere. Cthighstreet is a good source.
Many sites have quitely dropped Phenibut. It was once available via Amazon. Still relatively easy to find and CThighstreet is also a good source and last time i looked capsules were an option. The taste of the powder is unplesant to put it mildly and some might find stomaching it first thing on an empyty stomach too much. Capsules are often grossly overpriced but if money is no issue, capsules are much nicer to take and are already handily dosed.

(13-03-2016, 06:30 PM)RSaddicted Wrote: Supposedly a new fluorinated version of Phenibut that is 5x more potent than Phenibut:

'Preliminary (unpublished) research tentatively suggests that F-Phenibut (Fluorophenibut) has a behavioral potency of approximately five to tenfold higher than Phenibut in vivo, with approximately sixfold higher affinity as a GABAB agonist than Phenibut5, but may also retain comparable affinity and inhibitory efficacy at α2δ subunit-containing voltage-gated calcium channels, making F-Phenibut unique as an evenly balanced ligand for these two binding sites. As an intermediary between Phenibut and baclofen, these findings hint at the potential promise that this p-fluoro relative of Phenibut might retain the broader nootropic, anxiolytic, and mood elevating characteristics of Phenibut, while simultaneously partially sharing the relatively reduced tolerance inducing properties of its p-chloro relative baclofen.'

It's annoying that the only vendor stocking this at the moment is New Mind. It would be nice if it became available in the UK before the ban.
It does seem intruiging but talk of reduced tolerance makes me nervous. It does take much longer before tolerance to Baclofen forms and its good for mild anxiolysis and sleep. But with Phenibut the issues of rapid tolerance and dependance are universally acknowleged and most are clear its once a week only, ifs and buts are of no use when determining what sort of usage is safe. I fear some might relax their guard too much. Baclofen causes zero nootropic or elevated mood effects for me and if the Calcium channel blocking is relatively higher than that then i am thinking the extra GABAb binding will not be the main source of any tolerance or dependance issues. Can see a few finding out the hard way its maybe not as forgiving as hoped. Maybe twice a week is fine but if i decide to take a punt i think it will be used as sparingly as Phenibut until it becomes clearer to what extent the Calcium channel blocking is carried over. I think assuming tolerance is vastly reduced is reckless, its a new compound and caution is probably wise. On the other hand i have occasionally mixed Phenibut+Baclofen using reduced doses and they are fabulous together. If Flurobut can replicate that effect it will become very popular.Considering how long Phenibut has been around and bearing in mind the incredible usefullness of Baclofen as a first rate Myorelaxant and occasional sleep aid, its also being touted as an alternative to benzos in treating Alcoholics and research into that is ongoing, its taken a long time for another derivative to appear.
Merged the two open threads into this one. Carry on.

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