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Hi fellow researchers!
Just wondering if anyone here has had a chance to research this chemical yet? If so, please state how u like it, dislike it, recommended recreational dose if recreational, potentcy verses Alprazolam..
Wanting to grab some powder, or maybe just a few blotters(.05) to try before making a large order. Hoping to help with my anxiety, and maybe insomnia issues, and of course for a tad of recreational time..
Thanks for any input on this chem..
I haven't, I'm afraid.

I suspect responses from the UK will be few and far between, partly because we have a generic ban but more so because Xanax proper is fairly rare here; there's probably not a huge market. You might try grabbing a browser that can translate and reading the various French / German / Swiss / Swedish forums; that's my usual source if English-language info is lacking.
Thanks for the info magic k. Yeah, I've known about UK's ban, but was hoping that someone still had somehow had some slid through the system.. I'm here in Alabama/US, n still able to have banned subs slid through. Have stuck with 2 very reliable, and honest sources, n don't plan looking elsewhere. One is even locally domestic..
Magic k, may I ask also, have you researched this Fluclotizolam substance yet?
Would enjoy input on this chemical as well.
Again friend, much obliged for the info, and if it's allowed, can you hit me up on the Swedish, or German forums, that should, or may have these subs on threads?
I think I'm able to have their language translated once there.. Take care friend, thanks! ?
Hi, I've done a PG-alcohol solution with it.
It's pretty strong, consider it like clonazolam in term of potency...
But it's more sedating, last a solid 10h, with memory issues (I'm used to benzos..so even with tolerance it's a bit hazardous).

1mg feels like a mix of 2mg extended version of alprazolam(Xanax) and 20mg diazepam..
That's just for me.

Not too bad, but I really prefere clonazolam for daily anxiety because it gets sedating, I have to really pay attention not to take some "extra drops" or my day is almost gone, I won't do anything after taking just a bit too much..
Good for difficult nights.

All good, be carefull.

Once I reach about >1.5-2mg I'm in blackout zone, doing stupide stuffs with no memory anymore before falling asleep for a long night..
So the effective dosage - recreational dosage - and the "debilitating 'too much' " dosage are really close each other, pay attention, compulsive redosing is present, just like for clonazolam..
And once in there you never know what is going to happen hhaha.
Note: I take 2.5mg Lorazepam ans some days I add 10 or 20mg diazepam, si I already have tolerance to these chems..
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