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(27-02-2016, 02:15 AM)RSaddicted Wrote:
(26-02-2016, 10:46 PM)Hanns Moleman Wrote:
(23-02-2016, 01:36 PM)RSaddicted Wrote: I'm really interested in this one. I ordered from nootropics.co.uk but it seems I've been scammed, I never received any shipping confirmation. They also don't respond to emails.

Hi,  I'm just wondering if you ended up receiving this?  Considering ordering myself and the price looks good but your post puts me off somewhat.

They *supposedly* shipped today after multiple emails basically telling me that I hadn't paid for the order. Luckily I paid via Paypal and I had proof that the payment was successful. I'm still suspicious, of course. The whole situation was a bit weird and I'm not entirely convinced that they didn't try to scam me. I don't even know what I'm gonna do with the product once I receive it. Should I trust these people?

So no, I wouldn't recommend buying from this vendor.

Yeah, the comms I've had in the past from them haven't been great too. 

I'd be really interested in seeing how you get on with this compound, assuming you receive it! 

From what I can see on the interwebs it stacks up very well against Modafinil so could be a really useful tool for work purposes.
I just found out that I ordered the wrong product LOL. I thought Fladrafinil was the same compound, but it's not. The effects are probably the same though, as Fladrafinil is metabolized into Flmodafinil.
So as Adrafinil is to Modafinal then by the sounds of it.

Going to take a punt on Flmodafinil so I'll let you know.
Yes, Adrafinil = Modafinil and Fladrafinil = Flmodafinil.

I actually prefer Adra to Moda, so it's probably best that I bought this one instead. We'll see if it's any good.
Never really seem the feel the effects of Adrafinil.  Bought in bulk from Powdercity in the US, took 1.6g today on an empty stomach and got very little.  A stark contrast to the 200mg Modalert tablets I was taking last year which provided a natural, sustained focus for 8+ hours.

Maybe I'm missing that liver enzyme or something?

Ordered the Flmodafinil from Nootropics.co.uk yesterday, order acknowledged and got my tracking number today so looking good so far.
Just got a sample of the big crystal. Absolutely beautiful sparkly crystals packeging is phenomenal here is a pic will update when i get times to test. http://imgur.com/sVfgiWY
love the world and it will love you back. chin
(27-02-2016, 12:06 PM)bigazznugz Wrote: RCS is very good with communication hit him up he will surprise you with how willing be is to help a customer out. I'll be giving this a go as soon as my sample gets here. If it was shipped Monday I should have it here by Wednesday at the latest.

Well I used this stuff once (but not from RCS) and after a few hours the whole world was turning and it remained doing so for several hours. I have used modafinil from Intas (gave me caffeine like jitters), pure powder from airsealed (fantastic! Awake and calm and focussed), artvigil, waklert and acronite (all Indian forms of armodafinil). All armodafinil works identical for me as the modafinil powder. I use 1/3 of a tablet (so 37,5 mg) when needed, mostly once or twice a week. Works great. Zero sides...I always tend to forget i have it in my drawer at work. So once I am really getting very tired (in my head) I use it and it works within 15-20 minutes for about 4-6 hours at that dose. It feels better to me than 2 godo espresso's (these DO taste better however) as armodafinil is much better at keeping me alert and awake and there are zero sides. Just liek I had a good nights sleep, but then again not quite the same...

If you can buy modafinil or armodafinil from any brand I find this far preferable over any research chemical certainly when some are only 95% pure.
^ so did you like it? that is a confusing bunch of info.
love the world and it will love you back. chin
(29-02-2016, 11:53 PM)bigazznugz Wrote: ^  so did you like it? that is a confusing bunch of info.

If that is directed to me?

1) Modafinil tablets: jitters
2) Flmodafinil: made me dizzy and vertigo
3) armodafinil: great. No sides, just awake. Regardless of the brand (Waklert or Artvigil).
Hopefully one of these brands will be favored by a few people, then i can get some my self.
Found " Modafiendz " a waste of time.

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