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First Time 25i experience(aj's)
3o years old. 6'5", 200lbs. 3-550mcg blotters from AJ

setting: music festival that i help run...very comfortable environment for me.

4:30pm - brush gums, 2 blotters back molar area and held for 40 mins with saliva.
5:10- next blotter. noted headspace change. similar to mushies at this point. friend who took 2 blotters was already going hard by now.
5:30 - finally getting some good visual change. everything is kind of short a slightly cartoonish but still very much "reality".
6:00 - crazy auditory perception. so many people and so much music its amazing at times and a little overwhelming too. its like i can hear everything at once but cant select attention to any one source of audio. it was quite fun for the next hour to re-learn my hearing. i felt like had bionic ears.
7:00- flying hard now, good visuals. fun faces to look at on almost everything. cool 3d graph-spiderweb type things a opaquely in front of everything i see. colors arent crazy awesome and no fractal type stuff or "growing" of things like i get on high mushie doses.
7:30 - mental space at this point is great, loving the world. a true Gestalt feeling.
8:30 - visuals still great, dark now and stars are out. the stars are playing laser tag for god sake! twinking and little red lasers shoot randomly between them. crazy perception of patterning in the sky as well.
9:00 - visuals are stable. but this is where i got head fucked for about 30 mins. decided to lay down and look at the stars from my camper. had some recent deaths of friends and it really took me to a place that wasnt happy. after about a half hour of difficult life thoughts i decided to get up and go enjoy the festival and starts drinking to take my mind off things. it was not a bad thing to have had the headfuck for a short while, it allowed me to do some deep thinking i kind of tend to avoid.
9:45 - in a great headpace again laughing uncontrollably at things again visuals are down, not gone, but the next few hours were an amazing time getting drunk singing and having a great time.

all in all was up til about 2 am visuals died around 11pm. I will say it was an amazing first time with 25I. i really enjoyed it and plan on researching it again soon. so far I give this 7/8 out of 10.


P.s. will add or replace with a more detailed TR sometime next week!
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Thanks for the TR. Interesting to read, wanted to know more about 25i as I've only (properly) tried 25b.
A lot of people say 25i is more altered headspace and less visuals than the clear-headed 25b, but tbh I found 25b to give me a very altered headspace - albeit playfully so. Mind if I ask, have you tried 25b? If so how would you compare it? Rolleyes

Also glad to read I'm not the only one who obsessively brushes his gums before administering a tab thumbup
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Good trip report, quite a bit for a first time imo, but for each their own! Just a point of clarification, when you guys say you brush your gums do you mean brush them with the tab? Or do you mean literally brush your gums like with a toothbrush before applying the tab? Only reason I ask is because I've just received some tabs from AJ and I'm going to be trying b, c, or I, soon, and id just like to know if this helps absorption or what?
The idea is to remove the upper dying/dead layer of gum and other crud to speed/improve absorption. Never bothered, don't see the point. If you place upper front gumline it works PDQ anyway.
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Havn't tried 25b yet...thats next. on the list of the NBOMES. Found a fantastic supplier of the powdered form of 25I and 25B.

i brush my gums lightly, not trying to cause serious abrasion just getting fresh gum tissue to be exposed. and i don't think its necessary but if it helps me get the active chem in quicker/more completely its advantage to me! and its not like its takes more than 60 seconds to brush your gums. As for my dosing 3 tabs... I like to travel deeply the inner universe that is my brain while in psychedelia! overwhelming feelings i enjoy quite a lot.

thanks for your responses everyone. this forum seems to have more credible people than most of the other forums out there!
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