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Fellow researcher - New to UKCR
Hello fellow researchers and entrepreneurs. 

I'm not quite sure how to begin with this introduction, but I guess I'll start off with my past experience with research compounds and other consumables. 

I used to be a very highly regarded member of the CRU forum, under the same user name, however, things over there have taken an unfortunate tumble after the rather displeasing passing of the administrator of the domain. 
CRU had to be the best forum I had ever been a part of, exercising the practice of harm reduction so greatly. I cannot stress enough how much safety and concern they had around there. This is important to me, as I am keen on preserving my health, as well as the health of others. 

I have been all around when it comes to my chemical research. I used to most enjoy psychedelic compounds, and the exploration of my consciousness. Up until around 10 months ago, I was a very heavy daily marijuana smoker, consuming anywhere from 1 - 8 grams daily. This behaviour was consistent prior to then for about 4 years. 

During the final two years of my pot smoking addiction, I was heavily abusing many different psychedelics. It started with psilocybin mushrooms. I had picked up an ounce of mushrooms in hopes of finding some sort of revelation or answer to the infinite question of why. Why do we exist. For what purpose. 
Well, after a handful of shrooms, I'd have to estimate in hindsight (I was naive then and did not care to scale anything I consumed, how daft.) that my first psychedelic experience was with 5 grams of psilocybin cubensis, along with a quarter ounce of marijuana. This was the experience of a lifetime, for sure. 

After this experience, I felt I had been enlightened, I discovered we exist for no specific purpose, that our life, our existence, was all absolutely and infinitely purposeless. We exist solely to exist. God was a comprehensible solution to cope with the fact that our essence exists for no purpose. God, The Creator, The all knowing being, was only a coping mechanism to keep the human race from throwing themselves in the shitter, it was to keep us positive and moving forward. 

Anyways, enough about the experience itself, and more onto my experience with compounds in general. After this enlightenment, I had continued to smoke more weed than ever in my life. I ruined my lungs with an average of 7 grams of weed everyday, usually mixed with a cigarettes worth of tobacco. 
I have never smoked a cigarette, nor will I ever. The second hand smoke cause me to vomit. 

I smoked spliff for the next year and a half before dropping the tobacco out of my marijuana habit. I also continued using mushrooms at doses of 2 - 10 grams every weekend for the next 14 weeks. This is when it began to become boring. I no longer received any enlightenment, I had discovered our purpose, and had nothing left to explore. I visited the abyss and had returned to speak of it. 

Around 2 months after stopping mushrooms, I had discovered LSD, and this became another horrible habit of mine. I would consume an average of 200 micrograms of LSD every third day or so, even bringing it with me into my education setting. How stupid was I. 

LSD became rare, and I switched to 25I-NBOMe. I sucked on these tabs like tic tacs for around 5 months before I fried my brain, and became horribly depressed for around 3 months. 

No longer consuming psychedelic compounds, I decided I would smoke less marijuana, in hopes of raising my mood, rather than dulling it. For the next year, I smoked an average of half a gram to two grams of marijuana, without consuming any tobacco. 

I found a new partner just over two years ago, and we have helped each other in evolving for the better. It's the most healthy relationship I've ever had, or even heard about. We're in love, but realistic about our lives. She has helped me quit smoking marijuana completely, as well as any psychedelic compounds. 

I researched my first stimulant compound (aside from the obvious ones, such as caffeine) around 2 years ago, just before I met my current girlfriend. This was ethylphenidate. I received a gram on my doorstep in return for an extensive review of the vendor in question. Went through the gram with an old friend in approximately 3 weeks. I have since dropped this friend from my life as he was a negative influence. 

I continued research into the stimulant compounds, as well as a few psychedelic compounds. 
I never thought I would ever touch any types of powders before I had done 25I-NBOMe. 

My next research stimulant was nitracaine, which was very poor. 
The next compound I received was an extremely potent synthetic cannabinoid known as ADB-FUBINACA. Naive on the cannabinoid compounds, I had ingested approximately 18mg, assuming I had received AB-FUBINACA.  This lead to an extreme cannabinoid overdose unlike any other experience I had ever had. 8 hours of extremely paranoid delusion. Lights hurt my skull, thought my blanket would cut me in my sleep. Slept 16 hours, groggy for two days. Fuck synthetic cannabinoids. Never research them. 

Next I received a-PHP, which resulted in me binging and discovering the sexual side of stimulants. Researched one gram in about a week. Was not happy about how much I wanted it after it was gone. 

Next I received 3-FPM, which I thought was quite lame at the time (two years ago), however it is now my favourite stimulant. 

Also tested a-PVP, a-PHPP, Pentedrone, 3,4-DMMC, 3-MMC, 2-MMC, 3-CMC, 3-MEC, 4-MEC, 4-EMC, 4-CMC, Bk-MDMA, and Ethcathinone. 
These types of chemicals were my preferred for approximately 6 months, before I noticed they had a grip on my interest. I dislike feeling like I want more. 

4-FA had my heart for a good while, every second day use for a couple months, but had an insane psychotic episode after staying up three nights in a row, consuming many other stimulants, psychedelics, and dissociative compounds alongside 4-FA.

The psychotic break was unlike anything I have ever experienced, and I have an extensive report on CRU, however I will not go into this. I did not understand I was psychotic, and felt everything I was imagining was 100% real. Ever since, I cannot be around any sort of insect without having in-depth memories of this horrendous experience. 

Dissociative compounds I have experienced have included DXM, MXP, 3-MeO-PCP, and a very low dose of diphenidine. I cannot stand dissociative compounds.

My favourite compounds are the phenmetrazine analogues (have experimented with 6), and are the only stimulant compounds I would ever purchase in the future from this point forward. Or at least I hope. 

Stimulant compound research includes Methylphenidate, ethylphenidate, isopropylphenidate, propylphenidate, 4-methylmethylphenidate, 3,4-CTMP, Countless cathinones aside from 4-MMC, MDMA, Amphetamine, 4-Fluoroamphetamine, and many nootropic stimulants. 

I no longer smoke any substance, and my only other psychedelic endeavours have included 4-ACO-DMT (x22), 4-ACO-DET (x8), 4-AcO-DiPT (x8), 5-MeO-DMT (x2), 5-MeO-DALT (x11), DMT (x4), Allylescaline, DOC, DOM, 25B-NBOMe, 25C-NBOME. 

This is becoming rather extensive and has been extremely unorganized, so I will cut it short here. 

I should also mention I am proudly Canadian, and love nature. 

I'd love to become a positive and informative part of this community, as I feel I have aided many in the past concerning safety and security. 

Thanks for reading, and if you haven't, thanks for just stopping by my first post. :)  

I look forward to being a part of your community.
Welcome dude, hope you enjoy your stay, nice read :o)
Welcome to UKCR, Simplicitee. I'm one of the moderators here (you can also see a full list of forum staff). Please take a look at the rules. We only allow limited discussion of drugs that are illegal to possess in the UK, which includes most of the drugs you've mentioned. I'm OK with this this post since it's dealing mostly with past use and reasons you stopped using most of these things, and provides context for any posts you make in the future, but it's something we have to be pretty careful about. If you have any questions about that or any other aspects of the rules or site policy, please drop me or any of the moderators here a PM and we'll do our best to help.
Oh, I apologize, I didn't mean to go against any of the forums rules. I will get the rules cemented right away! Thanks for the heads up.

Now that I'm looking back upon this post, I noticed I have missed out on quite a few different compounds I have experimented with. If anyone has any questions, I'd love to answer them. :)

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