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Fake Etizest Etizolam
(23-10-2015, 08:25 AM)Tm1210 Wrote: ksalols are the mutts nuts mate. Not sure if you remember topix but I had a guy on there who sold they for peanuts. Along with all the others.. Apaurin and the EU clonaz. Those crazy fuckers in the balkins must have been taking those factories to the cleaners!

Yeah topix.... "Euro-meds" ;)
Thought topix was shut tight. It should be it was scam city, apart from Mr sleep easy and his lengthy list of genuines but the old bill did for him. You have to laugh at the name though. Its not sourcing because its all historical stuff. Ksalol are the cream of the cream as are Rivotril by Galinika .
I liked the bananakins personally, pretty rare but awesome, ksalols are awesome, rivotril is alright not a huge fan of clonazepam, xanax is the best, apaurins for something to lesser putting you on your arse lol

Also when they were about, the 2mg trinax were fuckin amazing, zepose and tranax from India are cheap and extremely good quality :)
Good times, it was of course a shit hole but there was legit vendors on it. No need now with the dark web
Bitcoin sites are tightening up quickly the dark web might not seem so attractive if the bitcoin mixing sites are shut down.
Just adding to this...I recently purchased 1g of etizolam powder. its different, tastes different and I've had to use at least 4x my dosage to feel anything.This bag is disappearing FAST. something's not right.

What are people's thoughts on the vendor etizest-etizolamuk ? Can someone tell me that it's just my tolerance that's through the roof from clonazolam 1mg per day. I've taken 8 of these things in one go (yesterday), today tried 10 and don't feel anything. This is after a near 1 month break from etizolam. I really thought as it's not a benzo, that it shouldn't really make much of a difference, unless that is, it's trying to attach to the same receptors which are already filled with the clonazolam. I've heard great things about this vendor and have bought from him twice. Must just be me. Unless any of you have experienced the same thing?
“What goes up must come down.” - Sir Isaac Newton
Ordered 10 from SSD, they felt fine to me. (etizest)
3 of them knocked me out, woke up few hours later wondering why i just woke up lol.

First experience with benzos, so cant compare though. I did feel quite happy the day after using them at work though and people noticed, must be the antidepressant working or something.

Ordered a whole bunch to stock up, noticed they arent available anywhere else anymore.. Must be the ban...
Im really liking them, hope i wont use them too much...
Hope isn't enough. Discipline is needed or you will run into problems. Never noticed an anti-depressant effect although i already take Mirtazapine. The literature says it doesn't cause the blues like some others but the effect is supposedly lower than Alprazolam but there. Makes a potent drug even more moreish if it lifts your mood the following day. judicious use with large gaps between use is advisable.
So I want to get Instas Etizolam from SSD the blue pill!
Any recent reviews on whether they are fake or not?

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