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Exploring the Synthacaine
(28-01-2015, 09:53 AM)optik Wrote: This stuff tastes like burnt toast in the back of your throat

Sort of like MPA does taste like the smell of circuit boards from the insides of your computer e.g. - yuck! But the lidocaine analogue, which apparently has been added in quite variable amounts (it seems some people just get VERY cut MPA with this lidocaine-esque stuff + some sugar (mannitol probably), while the "better" reviews are more concentrated MPA mixtures with the anesthetic *caine-stuff in it. 

In comparison to snorting pure MPA, this is way smoother though! That smell is not something to get completely rid off so easily, apparently... That sulfur-atom in the thiopene-ring is probably the reason why - or maybe it just was washed with a nasty-smelling solvent for impurities.

I might try and do the olde' acetone-wash on a few grams of MPA one of the coming days, just to see if that helps. Not that acetone smells particularly well.. :P
I have'nt had this stuff for over a year now, can anyone jog my memory.

Is it better to bomb or sniff?

and if bomb, the optimum size 150 -200mg ??


and its from cw, incase anyone has had it from there recently

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