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Exploring the Synthacaine

Date of experience: 1st of feb. '13.
Chemical appearance: A fluffy, slightly clumpy super-white powder.
500mg was received in a transparent baggie labelled "Synthacaine" and "NEW BATCH" on the sticker.

It's a saturday early afternoon, and I'm well rested, have just had lunch (no coffee, as I feel this might bias this review) and I have generally good feeling after a full week of work, and a nice weekend ahead of me.

I've never done branded chemicals before (beyond a single tablet of "Benzo Fury"), so this is a first for me. Therefore, in the name of good 'science' or at least Harm Reductions sake, I've decided to use a milligram scale, and start doses low.


The report:

14:03 - 31 mg 'Synthacaine' insufflated. It didn't sting at all, relatively pleasant, compared to other synthetic drugs/RCs, that can really hurt your nostrils.

14:09 - Slight stimulation felt. No HR increase.

14:12 - No drip - nice. I'm experiencing a slightly more focused state of mind. No mood lift as of yet. Wonder if this is as good as it gets at this dose. I suspect this branded chemical is not exactly mind bogglingly potent.

14:15 - My extremities (namely my fingers) feel a tad bit colder than they did just 20 minutes ago. Not to an extreme degree, more like just a bit cooler. They are not pale, and it's not unpleasant - just an observation.

14:25 - Definitely feeling more focused then pre-dose. HR measured to 92 BPM. My heart rate (after smoking a cigarette) is usually 75-80. So there's an actual observable increase there.

14:28 - I decide to weigh off 55 mg to be insufflated at t+35 m (14:38)

14:33 - Blast off, second dose. This powder really takes up a lot of space (two big lines) for a 55 mg weigh-off. Fluffy stuff. It didn't sting, but there was a tiny chemical taste as the drip hit.

14:38 - Mood lift! Wow, didn't expect this already. Feel quite content and happy, but not exactly euphoric. Mentally I'm very focused, more so than with a large dose of caffeine (450 mg+) and not at all jittery. I put on my headphones, and some trancy tunes sounded better than usually.

14:40 - There is a feeling of "coming up" on something nice. A clean, clear-headed high. It seems as if there's 'more' lurking just around the corner. I can see how this substance could become more-ish. Then again, with the nomenclature hinting heavily to be the legal "synthetic cocaine", it might not be expected. Still, I didn't expect such a positive reaction, and definitely not at these doses.

14:43 - Ugh. The drip doesn't taste too well. It's not horrible, but it's chemical-like, and it's lingering there for a while. My nose and gums feel a little numb. Writing this report, being on IRC, working on my website and IM'ing all at once seems really easy, even enjoyable. Heart rate is unchanged, 90-93 BPM.

14:50 - Yawning a little, although I'm still feeling a little buzzed from the 2nd dose. It's nice, but not rushy or over the top. Considering whether I'd bother with a larger dose later on, or just let this one run it's course, and it let metabolize.

15:00 - Yawwwwn. Still feel the increase in focus, but the feeling of being content has subsided slightly. Music sounds just incremently better than normally. I actually feel hungry.

15:13 - This is surely not a long-lasting stimulant. The mental stimulus mentioned before-hand is still present, but I'm already drifting slowly and smoothly towards baseline. There is no anxiety of jittery feeling what so ever. My mouth feels quite dry, so I hydrate. I decide to weigh off a larger dose of 100 mg, to see where this takes me.

15:25 - 3rd redose, 99 mg.

15:40 - This is IT! Great stimulation, I'm talkative, and feel a distinctive mood lift! 100mg seems to be the sweet spot for this trial. Music sounds exhilarting and energizing. I'm actually tempted to say that Synthacaine really has potential as a cheap, and seemingly relatively bening stimulant! This was completely unexpected. My heart rate is only up to 94 BPM, and there is no change of pupil size. Very cool!

15:50 - Still going strong! I'm feeling great, building tracklists for my next gig (I'm a DJ), and finding it really easy to put together tracks to get the dance floor moving. No more yawnning here, just feeling good and productive!

16:08 - Slow decend from the top of the high mountain. Still feel very good though. Hard to find a negative aspect to comment on here. The "cold hands" sensation has not increased, and is still at a level where it's completely ignorable. No signs of vasoconstriction, paranoia or anxiety noted as of it. Just smooth sailing.

16:10 - There is a low-key impulse to redose.

16:40 - The impulse grows, and I redose another 100 mg, which I decide to be my final dose.

17:00 - The initial rush from the 4th redose of 100 mg was not as outspoken as the first 100 mg. Still, the stimulation kicked in, and I felt quite content and extremely focused. A littly shaky at my hands at times, but nothing crazy. I was super-productive, and feeling good overall. I didn't check my HR at this rate, but there was no pupil dilation.

17:30 - The last redose is still doing it's job, and I decide to take a shower and a shave, getting ready for a night out with some good friends. Eating on this substance was not at all a problem, in fact it was nice to get some food in my stomach. The warm water in the shower felt really good.

18:00 - I leave for a night out, went to a few bars and clubs, and had a good time. The effects basicly just drifted smoothly down towards baseline, and alcohol didn't seem to cause any contradictions in combination.

The day after:
I had a good nights sleep, and I feel pretty normal today. Slightly agitated due the amount of alcohol ingested, and the fact that I only had 5 hours of sleep (went to bed at 5.40) No hangover from Synthacaine, as far as I can tell.
what vendor did you use? iv been thinkin of giving this stuff a whirl soon
(19-03-2013, 06:15 PM)hoodieninja Wrote: what vendor did you use? iv been thinkin of giving this stuff a whirl soon

I didnt enjoy it. Too clumpy and sticky, not much of a result from it at all
Reports on this one vary incredibly from nothing to great,got to say i'm very cynical when it comes to branded RCs still each to his own, i know many enjoy them.Personally i like to know what i'm taking and many brands suffer from a reluctance to print the contents.In fact isn't it illegal to not print the contents?
Do we know if ever CW's Synthacaine blend has ever been listed.

From people who have used it, any thoughts whether it feels EPH or MPA based??

EDIT - Nevermind, I have some here and their is a blue tint same as BB's blend so I am assuming MPA based but won't know for certain before testing.
If you sit in a bath of pineapple chunks, it can kill you. That's well documented.

1P-LSD elite fan. Bow Bow
I tried Synthacaine recently and for me it's just M+M with something else thrown in
(31-10-2014, 12:44 AM)Comfortably Dumb Wrote: I tried Synthacaine recently and for me it's just M+M with something else thrown
But what?
Probably lidocaine :P
This stuff tastes like burnt toast in the back of your throat

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