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Etizolam powder help?
I am thinking of getting some etizolam powder
but my question is how to use it can I just put it in a rizla and boom it or does it have to include a medium or whatever? i really need your help
Almost certainly not. You wont be able to weigh the doses accurately enough to bomb.

I would suggest dissolving a more accurately represented amount on your scales (generally >10mg) into a solution, and volumetric dosing. But please, do some googling and research on that first too.
Like I said elsewhere, you can do this.

1) buy say 100 mg
2) buy 100 ml PG
3) buy a 5 ml syringe with 0,5 ml or so marks
4) Put 1 in 2.
5) Shake until dissolved

100 mg may be 80 to 120 mg depending on the vendor. So first take 0,5 ml and titrate up if needed.
You do have to take into account displacement, since dissolving the powder will alter and potentially even decrease the volume of solution. Since etizolam isn't as ridiculously potent as some of the other benzos it may not be much of an issue, particularly if you were only at 1mg/ml but you might want to check it out anyway.

Unfortunately I don't have a specific link to hand to assess whether you would need to concern much over it.
Renton goes into Volumetric dosing in this post. https://www.ukchemicalresearch.org/Threa...#pid164791
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