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Enlighten Me
I'm planning a bit of a session some time in the near future and always seem to go for the same music, which I like but would like to try someone different.

I like DJ blend, faithless, Tiesto, generally music with great beats but changes tempo, think you kids call it hardcore, techno etc chin
As I'm not hip and trendy and don't even know who's in the top ten I need help find new artists.

So any suggestions you have i'd like to hear.

Thank MC
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A bit of a leftfield suggestion considering your stated tastes, but have you tried Theo Keating's nom-de-spin Fake Blood? The Wax:On continuous mix of his is full of bass, tempo changes, and chopped up beats. (He used to be one half of The Wiseguys, but Fake Blood isn't big beat, it sort of pushes into electro house territory.)
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Dj hellfish , Producer ( both on deathchant records ) Any Chris Liberator stuff - there'll be a bazillion kixes knocking about . Not techno but class tunes also is dj Yoda...

But def hellfish / producer if you like hardcore.

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