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Enjoying a po
Hey guys, first post!  How's everyone holding up?  I've got a few days of work,  enjoying a burger and pint at the pub....actually, I'm just enjoying the pint lol.  I'm the In the UK, so I'm savouring the last of my RC's, fuck I would say I'm stroking them, but that just sounds wrong lol. Hope you're all doing well too...   thumbup

Should be "enjoying a pint", not a poo lmao
Welcome :-)
Hello enjoy the burger i would hazard a guess theres many folks here not tasted anything like that in years oh well maybe the RC business dying away will promote the food industry!
[Image: 6wC70Pw.png]

The food industry with as much MSG and Sugar as you would like. 

Put that bag of 3F away and get to Maccies! 

Welcome UKRC40... Must admit the thread title did get me to click!

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