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Drug that resets tolerance for all drugs : stims,opiates,benzo,etc
I remember one time taking a whole pack of Cinnarizine (an OTC nootropic) before taking 1200mg DXM dose, (my tolerance to DXM was very high) and I shit you not I fell into like 9 holes, unexpectedly.

Some months later I decided to go for 1500mg of DXM, without the Cinnarizine, and I did not fall into a single hole.

Maybe that shit really did bring the magic back? I will do a 3rd high dose trial sometime in the future, with the Cinnarizine. It's also branded as Sturgeon 15.
KOR agonism supposedly upregulates MOR. So i guess salvia and iboga are both pretty good for opioid withdrawl ?
I have heard somewhere and have tested one in my self[omega 3-6] , that cbd and omega 3-6 will decrease tolerance to Weed.

Antioxidants will as well.  [Possibly some nootropics might do good for this]

Another sure thing that worked for me for weed tolerance , was a very healthy diet and daily exercise. When doing both i noticed a good difference.

As for stims : probably drugs or supps that antagonize dopamine and adrenaline might work. Even plain magnesium / gaba / l-theanine and stuff.

Unfortunately the most effective way to reduce tolerance is a combination of abstinence and time.

What a bummer, I would love a quick fix!
sadly the only method i have found that actaully works is to play the waiting game :(
Fav RCs:
 - Methoxphenidine    - 1P-LSD    - Ephenidine    - 5F-PB-22
Iboga reset my receptors. DMT sometimes can help. But yes, it is really just a waiting game.
I reckon doing the activities which naturally replace the 'uplift' of the drug may speed things a little, and if not at least provide an alternative mode of enjoyment. At a guess.
your brain is not like a fucking tree mate
read a book
You can't stay high forever, remember that... are you taking drugs to escape the reality of your problems? then you shouldn't take drugs, cause that's not what they're for, just some advice.
lol just because you want to stop tolerance doesnt mean you want to escape problems, that said you are wrong and its entirely possible to mostly prevent the development of tolerance.

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