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(11-01-2019, 09:06 AM)ryanandrews Wrote: Tried it out today, works well and the idea of chat being deleted after a time limit is something I like.

Also for @Renton, I found a site that says reasons not to use MyCryptoChat and thought I'd mention it...


What's the difference between this using end-to-end encryption with the encryption issues mentioned at that link, and a secure IRC server with everyone connected using SSL/TLS? Is it just easier?

I don't really understand the end-to-end encryption, is it just between the user and the server? Like SSL?

I heard from someone else there used to be multi-colour lines, those would be nice to have back.

Do bear in mind that link was posted in 2014 is based on code that is from a 5 year old+ version of MCC.  The official developer of MCC stopped in i think 2015, the back-end is a rework that has been carried on by others and is still active.

The encryption is end to end as in user to user(s) (providing keys are kept secret).  The rooms posted publicly here should not be considered 'private' due to the fact they are openly shared.
Keys are not stored whatsoever on the server and the chat logs required for the rooms duration that the server does store are encrypted and decrypted in your browser, so it has no knowledge of the contents,  unlike what SSL provides which is just encrypting the communications between the user and server, but cleartext or re-encrypted on the server.
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