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Hey everyone,

I have a new site up and running at Drug.Cafe I'd like you to test if you can.

You can create private, encrypted chat rooms that self-destruct on a timer, or simply send messages that self-destruct once opened.

All messages are encrypted/decrypted in-browser before transmit using AES-256, so the server never knows what content is on it.

You can view a sample UKCR chat room at the link below


SSL is in the works right now too  SSL sorted
It appears that the self-destruction mechanism was a little too destructive... 

In other words,, it's fucked up...
It's not there anymore, making it less fucked up than it was

'To say that we have gone from bad to worse is to ignore from which we came. One would not ask why the rose that grew from the concrete had damaged petals - one would merely celebrate it's tenacity, it's will to reach the sun. Well - we are those roses. This is my will to reach the sun. And these are my damaged petals.'

try this one now

limited it to 7 days.  so if somebody see's it's ended, post a new link in this thread (if i dont get to it first) and that will be the official one for the next week.

somebody thought they were a funny sod and broke it.  Can't see what they tried to do as it's all encrypteed but the last message data alone was larger than the data of all messages ever posted combined on it... by a few hundred times

edit;  should not be able to happen again
New room, 30 day expiry - https://drug.cafe/chatroom.php?id=0X3DkM...8ULhKMQ3bQ=

Use it, or don't... IDRC!

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