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Drug and RC Book Links *Free Books*
Every day Amazon give away certain books for free to Kindle users. Some but not all of the books will be available for cheap in paperback from Amazon too.

On this thread I am going to post books for mainly Kindle readers, but for book readers too, so you can see what books are on offer free or cheap that are relevant to our interests on this forum.

Today's find is 'The Cannabis Activist's Handbook' by Vince McLeod - £0.00 on Kindle. Not available in book format.

Nice thread idea David. Could be very interesting this. Cheers! :)
"Designer Drugs; Dangers for the Youth with Ecstasy and Others..." by Dr. Kaniappan Padmanaban
Price £0.00 (for Prime customers) or £1.91 Kindle Purchase Price:


Designer drugs are drugs produced by a minor modification in the chemical structure of an existing drug, resulting in a new substance with similar pharmacological effects. Here most of these recreational or party drugs are the modifications from amphetamine or methamphetamine. There are thousands of different tablets clandestinely prepared and sold throughout the world. They are not always pure, there may be poisonous combinations and there are also many fake tablets. In our lab we have analyzed many tablets which the parents found from their children and many had only starch and some binding material.
MDMA (Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, ecstasy) is the classical example for designer drugs which is a psychoactive derivate of methamphetamine. It is easy to synthesize in a kitchen or in a garden house and this makes it difficult to control them. MDA and MDE are the other two, among many, psychoactive derivates.
Ecstasy, ketamine, GHB, rohhypnol and magic mushrooms are the drugs abused in the beginning. Mephedrone is mostly abused in UK and in Europe.
The so called bathing salts based on amphetamine-like substance and the synthetic and fake cannabis are also of great concern in USA.
Have a great book I acquired years back. It's a bit like a popular late 60s reference book to recreational drugs. F'instance, DMT had the nickname 'businessman's lunchtime high' (although, perhaps a case of the meow-meows). Should dig it out sometime for a laugh.

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