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Donations to the forum
I just sent you £40 in Euros from France.

I'm not banging my own drum, but I couldn't see how to send a message with it and wanted you to know it was me.

Keep up the sterling work !

All the best to the whole team


Edited to add: Oh bum, I should have read Blodwyn's post beforehand ! Never mind - it's done :-)
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Thank you Nubis!!

Your gesture is greatly appreciated..
Thank you so much there have been some incredibly generous donations recently i'm trying to track down all the payments and would like to send thanks personally to all of you that have donated its been amazing!  I wont name names here as I dont want to miss anyone out but thank you all so much.
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Donations via Paypal are now do-able easily via link at the top of the site on every page.

Bank transfer information is also on the page, notes can be left (readable by admin only)

To people who haven't previously donated, perks (italicised name and larger PM inbox will be enabled soon thereafter (longer for bank transfer) as all payments are manually processed and verified)
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