Poll: Which are you out of the following?
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Heavy Tobacco Smoker
40 18.18%
Light Tobacco Smoker
52 23.64%
Social Smoker
23 10.45%
e-Cigarette smoker
35 15.91%
Quit Smoking
43 19.55%
Never Smoked Tobacco
27 12.27%
Total 220 vote(s) 100%
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Do you smoke Tobacco? UKCR Poll
Quit Tobbaco and started smoking E-Cigs, still use tobacco in very small amounts a few days a week in joints, so iv gone from smoking 20+ a day to smoking maybe 3 a week i use very large amounts of weed and small pinches of baci in Joints :D
Smoke over 10 maybe up to 20 roll ups a day myself. Started at around 19 due to others smoking while drinking, have stopped a few times due to getting a really bad cough. Used e-cigs, then I started again and changed brand and stopped and started a few times after that and still smoke now.
I don't mind smoking health wise I don't have a cough (I do have a horsed voice sometimes) but it does effect my stamina. The cost is a reason I want to quit.
Yes that surprised me too. Thought we'd mostly be vapers.
I use Snus, it's a Scandinavian tobacco product. I've never smoked though.
Those little teabag things you put in your cheek? Banned in the UK, not sure they even managed to launch.
Yeah that's the stuff. It's illegal to sell it here, but ok to have. I go to Sweden a lot so stock up there. Although I have used a loophole of buying it online and declaring my intention to use it as chewing tobacco.
Yes. We have a plant here at home. When I was a kid I tried putting it in a roll of paper. :)

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