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Heavy Tobacco Smoker
40 18.18%
Light Tobacco Smoker
52 23.64%
Social Smoker
23 10.45%
e-Cigarette smoker
35 15.91%
Quit Smoking
43 19.55%
Never Smoked Tobacco
27 12.27%
Total 220 vote(s) 100%
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Do you smoke Tobacco? UKCR Poll
I have now been smoking for 13 years, roughly half my life. As a kid I thought it was 'cool', rebellious, bad ass. It was easy to purchase and fairly affordable at the time. In recent years though have had to consider that my health has been seriously affected, following a spirometry test the results show I have the lungs of a 40 year old.

Having invested in an e-Cigarette I only succeeded in survival one week without all those little toxins we smokers tend to crave. Perhaps I could make it work in the long term although far too easy to become even more tolerant to the nicotine thus end up smoking more.

So back to sucking on the sin sticks. They are comforting in difficult times, like waiting for dinner to cook or after surprise family visits.

As a matter of interest, how many in the community are or were tobacco smokers? How did you start/stop the habit? How has smoking affected your life and potentially influenced your relationship with researching chemicals?

There is a little part of me that enjoys smoking. The crafting of rizla to filter, rolling into form, the constant access to a lighter, hearing the managers gossip in the work smoking shelter, the chillout following food or sex...

Is it wrong to enjoy the thing that's slowly shortening ones lifespan?
I hope to give up after newyear
Only smoke joints, never smoked a fag.
So I guess never? There isn't an option.
Intentionally left out alternative smoking products, Bob. I'd think tobacco is considered more addictive and more harmful than general herbs or indeed joints, and is clearly more widespread in society. Was simply interested in seeing how many slaves to the sin sticks we have here :)
I was a slave to the sin sticks but gave up few months ago. However still smoke j's with baccy and have been known to have the odd one when drinking/getting off me nut.
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My goodness, that e-ciggie is a monster.

I currently own the Microlite, it'll eat 2 batteries in a day but it ain't bad. Shame I never stuck to it, so hard to maintain it, so easy to crumble and start smoking again...
Smoked em for 20 years, for last 10 only to mix with j's. Bought a vaporizer and not touched em for 5 years now!

My lungs love me and my substance of choice goes a lot further!
Got addicted for a few months. As soon as I realised, I cut back.

I've never smoked more than 4/5 a day (rollups).
Cut back to one in morning, one midday and one late evening.

Did that for a couple weeks and stopped for a few months all together. Then I'd start again (1 or 2 a day) for a month, then stopped altogether again for awhile.

Now I'll smoke one very occasionally.
I try and ignore the impulse to smoke if I'm stressed or upset. It's a very bad habit and out of principal should be ignored.

Obviously I use it in a spliff, I try and use as little as possible without ruining the flavour/burn.

One thing I noticed, when smoking noids I'd end up using a fucking LOAD of tobacco. I was going through packets of the stuff. Scary. I don't even know how much I was smoking then.
Benn smoking since I was about 13, or put another way 30 years FGS! I've been meaning to get to the stop smoking clinic for months but never seem to get round to it. Last time I asked for Champix doc wouldn't give me it, trying to stop drinking at the time and on anti-ds so contra-indicated which did piss me off slightly, having built up the motivation to give it a go. Not sure how successful I'd be trying to stop. Would like to be healthier, would like not to be spending a hundred quid plus a month ( I mostly smoke roll ups ) and think I'd find it a little easier now I'm not drinking but even so, I guess I like smoking too much. There's just something really satisfying about it and I think to quit a substance you kind of have to be properly sick of it in itself. I'm not there yet.

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