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Diphenidine - My first time on any dissociative (120mg)
A week prior my research I had conducted an allergy test before carefully weighing 120mg of Diphenidine which i wrapped in a tissue and swallowed. However after 4 hours not much was happening and i easy drifted asleep with the aid of 2mg Diclaz.

So last night, with knowledge of my previous encounter i mixed 120mg of Diphenidine straight into a small glass of blackcurrent squash. The taste was unpleasant however was easily gone due drinking more "un-laced" juice after the dose.

I got into bed and attempted to watch "The amazing spider-man 2", i wish i could comment on what actually happened, but i really have no clue. In addition i noticed i'd paused the film 59 minutes in which was probably when i was most dissociated.

I remember within 30 minutes of taking the drug feeling..something. I felt like the vibration of my laptop fan and my bed were in synced together. This lead into the feeling of spinning, floating, sinking and all around madness.

The peak of the trip has to of been from between and hour and a half and two and  a half hours where things are very much a blur in my imagination.

I remember being ale to temporarily 'snap out' of the trip before being pulled back in, as in one case i went to the bathroom before being fully pulled in whilst 'going about my business' ;)

Towards the end, i recall listening to odd bands such as "combichrist" which totally made the experience a tad more crazy before being confronted every so often of a blue electronic monster face from where i had paused the film earlier.

At the last hour as the trip was tailing off i came onto here and talked to people on he shoutbox. All of which were extremely helpful and kind and i believe it was them who made my trip a positive experience! 

Much love for Tizzy, Lolcat and Tempz , you guys were amazing bighugThank you

At about 3 hours in i was almost back to baseline and took 2mg Diclaz just encase of experiencing later weirdness. These didn't seem anywhere near as  sedating as etiz so took another 1mg diclaz and eventually fell asleep an hour later.

Overall, the trip lasts about 3-4 hours but you'll be back to baseline in 5 hours. Its was an amazing first experience and i may revisit sometime in the near future!
You took the same quantity in the allergy test as the main experiment?
Of course not, i'd taken -5mg the week before with no ill affects :)
Phew, it was just that first sentence.
Glad you had a good time, nice report.
The shoutbox has saved good many souls.
Haha, the shoutbox is such a good addition to the site and totally agree that it has probably saved so many people for bad or really bad experiences!
Great report, thanks!
Yep this is pretty much it. You describe how I want but I'm lazy/illerterate.

Feels like my head is one of those rotating owl heads going 4000 rpm then I snap out of it, recognize where I am and what the hell is going on then I start spinning again.

The vibrating too, felt like I was in an jet ejector seat once, that was awesome. I've been on X2 at Six Flags in California and diphenidine has been more intense than that.

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