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Diphenidine - HERE WE GO (180mg)
These are the notes from an experience with Diphenidine last weekend. These notes were typed during the experience, and I've tried to leave them as raw and unedited as possible, apart from a couple of annotations to explain some of the stranger bits or at least to speculate on what was going on when my own memory fails me. Made references to some music at a few points as well so have added them tunes in for reference. The dosages of Diphenidine used in this report are not recommended for someone without tolerance - I'd tried it at lower doses in previous weeks and experienced disappointing results so decided to see if a higher dose would get me where I wanted it to be. Without spoiling things too much - it did.


19:30 - 130mg bombed with a can of lager.

19:45 - Nothing as yet. Feel comfortable, warm and relaxed. Sipping cold lager and listening to Phaeleh whilst chatting to my mate online.

20:00 - Slight funny feeling in head but could be placebo or the beer.

20:10 - Funny head feelings continue. Random urge to listen grime which is the least dissassociative genre I can imagine. Possibly feeling slightly stimulated.

20:15 - Definitely something brewing but still very light.

20:25 - Slight difficulty concentrating but still nowhere near where I'm expecting to reach.

20:35 - Turning the music volume and bass up, It's only half eight, none of my flatmates could possibly be sleeping yet. Noticing a slight confidence boost and urge to talk more though again this could be the fault of the lager can (now empty sadly).

20:35 - Phaeleh sounds amazing but always does though. Swear it's been longer since my last update. Time dilation?

20:40 -  There's definitely something happening. I feel quite nice. Music sounds beautiful.

20:45 - I feel good. Very calm and chilled. Music atm is playlist involving bassy, atmospheric artists like Phaeleh, Burial, Mala, Bonobo and Kryptic Minds so this could be influencing my mindset - maybe my grime or metal playlist would have a different result but currently have no desire to try.

21:00 - Decide to redose with 50mg. Will I regret this? We'll see. I feel fucking great atm though, so chilled, so nice. Putting away my trippy box so there are no more temptations - no more redosing tonight, 180mg overall. Feels much cleaner, calmer and less harsh than MXP at this point - body high is less intense but more subtle and I like it.

(I'm not really sure why I decided to redose at this point as the level I was at was beautiful. I think I just wanted something a bit crazier. Be careful what you wish for haha.)

21:10 - Not much in the way of closed eye visuals but visual fuzz, none of the intricate dimensions you can reach with something like k. Things maybe look a bit sharper whether open or closed eye at this point although body high feels great. Feel a bit disassociated.

21:20 - Slight confusion when interacting with others. Still feel wicked though.

21:30 - Having slight trouble comprehending those not also fucked - dissociation is setting in. Grabbed another beer because hey why not? I feel wonderful btw this is far better than any experience I've had with diphenidine so far.

21:35 - Accidentally crush my toe with my computer chair, this definitely isn't a tranquiliser like ket :( Otherwise feeling good.

21:50 - Feeling very very good. Haven't had any horrible holes or intrusive thoughts, just chilling with my friends online and listening to great music. Diphenidine > MXP for me.

21:55 - Talking to old friends online, feeling euphoric and fantastic whilst listening to Om Unit. Is this the second dose kicking in?

22:00 - Left the Om Unit album on and it's sounding incredible. Might take some diclaz in an couple of hours to help ease into sleep but atm riding this wave and its amazing.

22:06 - Very fucked but still very coherent. Nice buzz. <3 Om Unit.

22:00 - Buzzing like something in me is trying to escape. Closed eye visuals are blurred like static on a TV.

22:15 - Visuals are a bit more pronounced = everything looks "sharp". Closed eye visuals still very blurry. Talking to a lot of people atm and have lost track of this report a bit.

22:20 - Pretty stimulated.

22:30 Think have "peaked".  (< THIS WAS OH SO WRONG)

22:40 - Ingest 4mg diclazepam. V disossciated atm

(Can't remember why I took the diclaz much earlier than planned, maybe lost track of time, maybe wanted to get higher, maybe anticipated a storm on the horizon. Was very fucked so wasn't thinking clearly whatever the reason.)

22:45 - Feel good but disassociated

22:50 - A bit more confusion. Open another beer, why not? Typing is becoming diffficult, muscle memory stop being a bitch I'm trying to have fun.

23:00 - Via the network have organised two parties whilst sitting here in diphenidine heaven. Slight dissociative visuals.

(Haha "the network was Facebook, planning a party with my friend in a few weeks whilst fucked. No idea why I called it the network, was absurdly high at this point though.)

23:15 - Mild comedown feeling

23:25 - Listening to Burial Archangel - If I trust you - tell me I belong (Song lyrics.)

23:25 - I fucking belong you cunts are not taking me (Definitely not song lyrics hahaa. Was tripping very hard here.)

23:41 - here we fucking go (I have a distinct lucid memory of feeling like me and my desk were sliding into another dimension at this point.)

23:44 - heree we go


00:05 - listening to DJ EZ - THEY SAY WE CANT BUT WE CAN

00:10 - LOL this is so silly that I wouldn't  be able to listen to DJ EZ

(I'm not entirely sure what was happening here but from this and FB convo logs I think I had a delusion that one of the girls in the DJ EZ video had implyed that I shouldn't be allowed to listen to it. I obviously ignored her hahaa.)



00:30 oh my dayzzzzz DJ EZ

00:35 HERE WE GO

This is where any written notes end, not because I'd passed out but cos I was so high and having a good time they didn't seem very important at the time. Over the course of the rest of the night one of my flatmates came in to see what I was doing and decided to take some diphenidine himself - I think about 100mg. I didn't redose, thank fuck. Then we had a wonderful time being off our heads in the flat for a few hours before going to the local park just before the break of dawn (in the pouring rain and insane wind) to see the sun rise.

I had sobered up a bit by this point but my friend was very insistent about going to the park whether I wanted to come or not, so accompanied him to make sure he was alright. Standing in the middle of the park in the pouring rain he claimed that he was having the greatest moment of his life. When we got back to the flat, the first thing he said after sitting down was "Why are we so wet?". He had completely forgotten the entire park trip literally about five minutes after. I found this quite funny but at the same time being a bit worried that such total and complete amnesia had set in after such an intense experience.

To conclude this report, I had a fantastic trip on this but plan on taking a break from dissociatives for a while. This is a very powerful drug and great care should be taken whilst taking it as mania, delusions and stimulation are all side effects at high doses. One drug where a sober sitter might be something to think about. Take care out there.

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