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Diclazepam for Clonozolam Withdrawal (need help)
thanks for the advice from both..... i knew the large % cuts at the end were not a good idea...it's just me being impatient having developed a benzo habit after tapering off suboxone after a 5 year addiction....plus i gotta be off everything soon for personal reasons....ill revisit the taper, especially the cuts towards the end.

If one moves from a short acting benzo (clonazepam 'seems' pretty short which isn’t going to replace actual data but is all we have)  to an equivalent (roughly) isn’t one sure to build up even great levels though accummulation - shouldn’t levels be adjusted in someway for this initially? I haven’t had to try a taper and no authority so maybe I’ve missed soemthing - this is just a theoretical question since I’d like to know.

wiki put diclaz at 42hr HL with rather unlikely exactness but about the same as diazepam (the normal medical taper) which seems to be 43hrs actually more like 30-56hr range* so about the same and guessing the dicalz figure is actually +/-10hrs too; actually wiki put the low figure as 20 but I have been looking at other sources for comaprison rather than rely on wiki. obviously very variable and extremely limited study on diclaz but both pushing 100hrs or more with metabolites - the study suggests detection from diclaz for around a couple of weeks and the upper limit with diaz HL being quoted at 400hrs* (about 16days) although this is an extreme with renal impairment but in practise the 40-100hr half life means "the formation of active metabolites giving levels for diazepam about six times the daily dose in two weeks and eight times in four weeks.”  *Although I note the accumulation is relatively less with time going by this quote.

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