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Diclazepam and Caffeine – An Early Sunday
Trip Report (Diclazepam and Caffeine – An Early Sunday)

6:00 – 4mg diclazepam (from BB) ingested in a feeble attempt to sleep – failed all night partly due to neglecting to notice the time, but partly due to my general inability to manage (or even recognise the existence of) sleep-time.

6:30 – Feeling lush but not even remotely tired. Yes, I might need to see the doc about getting some proper sleepers – hoping for zopiclone but can't see that happening. Definitely benzo'd now. :D

6:50 – Bollocks to it, let's not sleep and let's have a productive day. 200mg caffeine tablet washed down with a strong cup of unsweetened, black coffee. Going to run the bath now, will re-post when I feel the caffeine take effect.

7:00 – Bath just about run, starting to feel the onset of the energy from the caffeine. Still feel nicely benzo'd, with slightly reduced (albeit low to begin with) 'benzo-wobble'.

7:15 – Done. Bath was nice, still feel relaxed but certainly not as lazy as one might when consuming diclazepam. I should note at this point that it's perfectly safe to mix these two substances because they have completely different and unrelated mechanisms of action (GABA for benzos, adenosine for caffeine).

7:22 – Noted confidence and positive mood, which is uncommon for me (I'm a miserable cunt by default) – this could well be the result of the diclazepam minus the sedative effects which it produces. Fuck that, I'm just a bit hyperactive. Still feel some of the “confidence-boosting” effects of the diclazepam but it's certainly wearing off. Just woke my housemate up blazing music, forgetting it's Sunday. Good effort.

7:33 – Fuck it, gonna end this report. Caffeine kills benzos.
You're going to stay up all day then? One of the things I like about diclaz is that tired feeling you get but I usually take a couple of hours before bedtime. I haven't tried as a daytime supp as I usually need to drive at some point. Bear in mind it's probably still working even if you can't feel it.
Ohh I don't doubt it, I still feel "something" from it, but I'm actually relatively hyperactive at the moment. I don't have to drive (or, for that matter, do fuck all today) so I'll post if any ill-effects occur from this combo. :D
still awake? haha
Hood Hippy word
caffeine definately doesn't kill benzos, maybe just stops makes them slightly less sleepy :)
ned - i just wanted a code to go and hav a look but yee hav ruined it now acting like scientolagists with the code...seriously yee say im a prick just take a step back there
Reporting back: I fell asleep at about 3.30pm, waking at ~9.00pm, not slept since. FML. ><

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