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New one from BB when I had a look just now. They're giving some freebies so might get some with my eph order. Has anyone heard anything or know anything?
Cant seem to find much about it. hopefully somebody is a better researcher than me!
[Image: zS5t4pW.png]

2'-Chlorodiazepam -also known as Ro5-3448. Paper here touches on it (suggests greater affinity for central BZD receptors)...


and perhaps @Renton can confirm, but I assume it would produce a number of active metabolites like its parent analogue (e.g., mainly 2'-Chloro-nordiazepam [delorazepam]; some 2'-Chloro-temazepam, lorazepam, and lormatezepam) and likely have a fairly long half-life (prolly longer than lorazepam, but perhaps shorter than diazepam.)
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just hoping it dosent go the same way flurobromazepam went,hoping something similar to lora and diaz..live in hope.
BB are sending me some samples to hand out to experienced researchers if you are interested please pm me.
[Image: 6wC70Pw.png]

i would LOVE to. but for that reason its probably not wise haha.
Tried a few of these but didn't really get much, but that not bashing the product or anything.
ok BB have been very generous with the sample I have zero idea how many anyone might need to conduct a proper test.  If anyone could enlighten me I'd be very grateful also anyone who would like to sample please email me your details to [email protected] and I will post tomorrow once I have an idea how many you might need.
[Image: 6wC70Pw.png]

I'll try anything once... 5 or 10 should be plenty btw.
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oo think I'll give you an email. Been coming off my ssri's and think I could give a decent report on how they affect my anxiety as I've noticed a slight increase atm


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