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Dependent on stimulants to stay awake leading to abuse of other drugs

I'm completely different it's insane..
Be careful.. you will never see a problem yourself while still using. TBH I can't be bothered to try and talk you out of it as it sounds like you have made your mind up.

Things will get worse in the long run and the longer you carry on the less chance you will have of kicking your drug habit, and it is a habit at that level, sorry.

If you lay of the stims yes you will feel like shit for a long time. I'm the opposite.. I wish I felt tired and I never even do stims. Asleep at 3am up at 7am most days.

You probably feel tired as you are worn out and the stims are tricking your mind that you are not, when you're on them.
I can pretty much guarantee you that they'll be having more of an effect on you than you currently realise pal, but that's not something you'll fully realise until the cold light of day arrives...and it will arrive..

However, each to their own, and only you know what is best for you.
It just sucks because I have a bunch of orders coming in and they will haunt me. They are really really bad drugs. I have a problem with compulsive spending. I have a link here on the drugs forum that I also made a topic about....
Quote:I just wish people didn't see it as such a big deal. Or is it? Because I really doubt it and I cry about it in misery because everyone else thinks it's a problem and I think a lot of people think that they are addicted when they are not and that's what's wrong with society.

I'm 20. I have schizophrenia already and it's not affecting my illness AT ALL. In fact, I'm the best I've ever been. The professionals say I'm in denial but please believe me, the actual one with the illness.

I decided to get the stupid antipsychotic injection just for now but I want to refuse them and I also stopped taking my oral medication it makes me dull, loss of creativity too tired.

I think you left out some important details, the main one being that your antipsychotic dose is very high (higher than the maximum recommended by the manufacturer) and this appears to block the effects of stimulants (and presumably the dopaminergic effects of other drugs, like opioids). As I've said previously, I think the high antiosychotic dose drives your stimulant use as you try to find ways to feel normal. So your doses, while insane, make some sense in context as the drugs are likely much less potent for you versus someone not on huge doses of a neuroleptic.

The lack of emergent psychosis with serious stimulant use actually points away from schizophrenia. There are other causes of psychosis and simulants don't lead to mania in many people with bipolar disorder, so it's possible your diagnosis isn't a good fit.

I've given you my opinion of the professionals involved in your 'care' before. I'd reiterate the need to challenge their decisions and the support of family members from a position of self-aware responsibility.i think the drug use does bother you (you've said so before) but I can see how it's partly a coping strategy to deal with the treatment that's been pushed on you and the lack of agency you have in your treatment.

Using more drugs recreationally at this point probably works against your interests. I think you need to work out a longer term plan for dealing with the underlying causes of your drug use. Even if the central effects of these drugs are weakened by the antipsychotic they're likely still having serious effects on your body and while you're likely to be resilient to that kind of damage because you're young, it will catch up with you eventually and probably sooner rather than later.
I think, sometimes, it is better to ask than to speculate.

Regarding your current stimulant doses versus the improper use of anti-psychotics by your prescribers, I can add nothing to what niflheim says above. In the more general case, though, we always have options, if not always the most appealing ones.

As I write, I'm sitting here on an ambulatory blood pressure monitor that fires itself up every half an hour, having yesterday had an echo cardiogram (viewing the innards of your heart on ultrasound is interesting!). The good news is that other than for anxiety on the part of the patient, there doesn't seem to be very much wrong. This coming week, I have a meeting with a psychologist about a meeting with a psychiatrist (seen at least half a dozen of each in the past five years), then a meeting with a psychiatrist that will only lead to a meeting with my GP, doubtless with follow-up with the cardiologist at some point. If this all sounds like a pain in the arse, it is, and you may be even more surprised to hear that all this is just in the name of assessing me for ADHD meds. 

Two points, then. Consensus is one - that doesn't mean "if you don't like the first answer, get another" or for that matter "if enough people think X, it's true" but, essentially, "if X is clinically significant/justifiable then it will be visible to more than one clinician". This is an effective if time-consuming response to clinical (or parental) overreach; you're a young adult who will over time be taking charge of his own care - more bluntly, do something about the "lack of agency" niflheim mentions above but do so credibly with with the sort of clinical consensus where those who don't like it can go and do the other thing.

The second point is we all have choices, including when these are restricted or embattled. I have a fairly regular use for stimulants (albeit not to your extent); yesterday was not an efficient day on account of this blasted BP monitor but it was possible to function, after a fashion, without. It's recommended to try that periodically anyway, not least to verify that the stimulants are having the anticipated benefit and that the doses are right. It may sound like anathema to you, but one of the best defences against being railroaded around by the medical profession is essentially "become your own professional". Not know-it-all, mind; I'm consulting with cardiology because it's an area of medicine about which I know fuck all, and fuck all is more than was known to the psychiatrist who made that referral.

Anyway, best of luck, but make sure you're asking the right question. To my mind this is not "Is addiction a problem?" (of itself, no. For the wrong reasons, yes.) but "why the fuck do I require a contradictory cocktail of drugs and which of them are actually helpful?". I should be asking that (in probably much those terms) of any and all prescribing to me.
It isn't you it is everyone else......oh dear. I don't mean to come across as patronising but I'd ask you to really consider how that sounds. Try being honest with yourself and consider what longer terms issues you're turning a blind eye to.

I had little in the way of ill effects after developing a heavy stim habit until one day my vision went, I lost grip on reality and was expecting to drop dead any second.

You're 20 years old, you can be forgiven for lacking both worldly and personal insight but please, please at least have the insight to realise you've got a lot to learn and others may just know what they're talking about.
I think there is an element of you doth protest too much in posting everywhere about what you must have some inkling is chronic poly drug use and how great your doing on it; thing is it isn’t just dubious square professionals or crazy family members but other drug users thinking this drug rota is... well lets just leave it at 'heavy handed’. In the end what you decide to do, or decide is functional or great won’t effect me (ie I don’t have any particular bias in the issue) but it isn’t unfair to say this diet of yours is quite capable at some point of being detrimental. There are so many motivators psychologically, we are rarely fully intune with what is best in and of ourselves (which doesn’t imply one shouldn’t be skeptical of others opinion on the situation) and the wisest are mostly wise in there lack of unshakable certainty
"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law"
Poly drug use is not the preffered option. Get over it. Have been a poly-drug user for 20+ years i'm no nearer feeling better with the caveat its entirely possible i might have topped myself at some point if not Comfartably Numb. Pretty sure the high dosing is 'the last resort' and nobody defo not professionals would start at that dose regime without trying normal clinical doses first. It could well be your Stim use is interfering with those other drugs. The brain and interactions in it by various drugs are still poorly understood my advice is try the prescribed regime without recreational drugs for a defined period you can then go back explain and maybe its the hard fact they aren't the answer but don't sit there wondering. Try it!
Thanks for the replies everyone. I'm going to take my oral antipsychotic again because my treatment team said that it would be best.

I'm not saying it's everyone elses fault. I'm saying I don't like people interfering unless I'm not sure if it's a bad thing based on everyone else around me that has problems as a result of it.

And regards to the list of chemicals, it's not seeking attention. I'm listing them for my psychiatrist @ What ever cunt said so.

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