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DXM 600mg - chilled and enjoyable
I suspect the MHRA take a dim view of uk sites selling dextromethorphan powder. Dextromethorphan is a pharmacy only medication (i.e. available without prescription, but only from a pharmacy). So selling DXM or importing it without the appropriate licenses would be a crime under the medicines act. (Importing for personal use is exempt from licensing requirements). In other words, it's unlikely that a UK based site would offer DXM. As far as I know, no non-syrup forms of DXM are licensed in the UK and manufacturers appear to have a tacit agreement to formulate their dextromethorphan products to include ingredients that are unpleasant when consumed in quantity. For example, while the US version of Robitussin is sweetened (mostly) via corn syrup, the UK version uses maltitol and sorbitol - sugar alcohols with a laxative effect. As you discovered, this has the intended discouraging effect on use that falls outside the dosage gudielines.

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