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Czech Republic
I might be moving to Prague for a few months and was wondering if anyone knows the legality of the substances that we enjoyed before the blanket ban and if there is such a ban in place in the Czech Republic.

I can't seem to find much information on this.
Dobrý den! I don't know the status there but the only Czech vendor I know of oddly doesn't ship to Czech, so that may be an indicator of the status there.
I would suggest being very careful. I think they are very anti drugs. I went there in 2005 for a party and they didn't like us or the party much at all. I got hit with a water cannon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAY44rODOoM

Quote:In 2005 shortly after the start, the CzechTek festival was broken up by police. There were hundreds of injuries, and the police confirmed the death of a young participant. Reportedly he was "killed by a truck which left the site" but no witnesses were found to verify the police statement. The organizers of CzechTek claimed to be permitted to set up the event around Mlýnec (Tachov District), in the west of the country close to the German border.
However, around 1,000 riot police arrived, using heavy equipment including tear gas, water cannons and the military BVP vehicle stating damage of private property. They damaged cars, electronic equipment and other property. The standoff between police and public resulted in multiple injured on both sides. Police used massive amounts of tear gas and stun grenades, broke car windows with iron bars or threw gas grenades in. Protests arose outside the Czech interior ministry. The Czech president criticized the heavy use of police force. The Prime Minister, Jiří Paroubek, defended the action, stating that the tekno fans were "not dancing children but dangerous people".
Several months after the clash, all charges against police were dropped, in most cases this was due to failure to identify a policeman, some because there has not been considered an offense. In April 2006, there was a march followed by a free party in Strasbourg, France to protest against police repression in general and against the actions of the Czech police in closing CzechTek specifically.
Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CzechTek
"they didn't like us or the party much at all"

Wow, you're not joking, that police operation must have cost a fortune. When they do that stuff with flanking and teargas you have to organize into a single group upwind of them, preferably with the rig in the middle. c.f. UKTek 2015. With the crowd spread thin you're vulnerable to getting picked off individually by snatch squads and pulled behind the line when some dick inevitably throws a bottle from the back. Exciting stuff.

Seriously the Czech police look paramilitary and are likely to break your bones with a baton and stand on your throat in the van. I'd think twice about partying loudly in public and wouldn't even consider acquiring unless I had first hand knowledge and good local connections.

Prague is beautiful though and whilst I've only been as a tourist I'm told there are some very cool cats living there. Expect a good time but take care and learn from locals.

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