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Country Flags
Recently noticed the amount of non-UK based people here and thought a somewhat useful feature to implement would be the ability to display a country flag in your postbit (just below your avatar).

An example of how it shows is below mine;

I was thinking of having it display based on post IP but realized how inaccurate (and just stupid) that would be, so it is manual-only.

You can change it here if you so wish, but it is by no means mandatory;

We have around 260 or so countries set, I'd prefer not to getting into making flag entries for all the Macedonian or Thai states but if there's a country that's missing, shoot me a PM and i'll get it added.
There was a small bug with how it was working which has now been fixed.
Anybody who had previously set a country flag to display will have to re-set it to do so.

The method of doing it is the same as above (just set your country in your User CP)

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