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Collecting Opium Antiques
How Collecting Opium Antiques Turned Me Into an Opium Addict
Very interesting article. Really enjoyed reading that. Think I will order that book, would be great for on the coffeetable.
..indeed Geeza, that book might be great for the coffee table.. some of the ivory and silver opium pipes I've seen over the years are like works of art.. intricate detailing and craftsmanship but with a hint of darker, more sinister undertones...
I do avoid resurrecting such ancient threads and this one is very old.

But I wanted to draw attention to this ebay seller's listings. Some of the pipes are astonishingly beautiful and this of course is clearly reflected in the price.


Also, I'd be very interested if anyone knows how these pipes were actually used. I understand that opium is vapourised rather than truly smoked. A spirit lamp is used for this to maintain heat. But is the flame drawn into the bowl, which seems to have a very narrow opening? And what is the opium needle used for?
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