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Is tge Half-Life on c lam also as lomg as its cousin clonazepam?
Im intersted im trying this as it looks like this chemical maybe as strong as most prescribed benzos. If the half life and total duration are shorter than clonazepam today would be a big bonus.
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Way over complicated things - the pellets were pushed out at 0.5mg - however you read it these are heavy dosed compared to most benzo apart from 2mg etiz and the like. Certainly historically a good case could be built for 0.25mg. 
Half life we don’t know by quite possibly short
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Hi all, I've just a little question; I've got 2  dark flasks (to avoid light to pass trough the glass), the first one is now in the fridge for more than a year (at the nearly beginning when Clonazolam came out), the second flask is about as old, but in room temperature.
I used my usual solution to dissolve the powder ( 60% hydro-alcoholic (Vodka) solution and 40% PG, by volume not mass).
This solution used to be effective to get concentrated solutions (0.25 mg Clonazolam / drop).

Now the strange thing, in the flask stored in the fridge there is a dark salt formed witch would not dissolve, that didn't happened to the other flask at room temperature, but both are about as potent as they where in the beginning.

I tough that the fridge would  preserve chemicals better than variable room temperature.
That didn't happened with Flu-lam nor with Diclazepam...

As anyone noticed something like that? Any idea what that precipitated salt is ? (because it's dark and the initial powder's color was white).

Edit: are the online supplier still legit? As the ban took place in the UK where most suppliers are located at.

Many thanks, your suggestions are welcomed ,.
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Anyone think the OS green pellets are less than 0.5mg or less strong than other sources?

I haven’t really questioned it much since he was trustworthy and would certainly honestly aim at the correct quoted figure and also the pellets got good press from users as top notch but this might not include comparison. I am still a little nonplussed at some of the equivalencies for clonazolam which I’d personally put at maybe 0.5mg=20-25mg; 40 in particular seems stupendously high. There again lorazepam and clonazEPAM are quoted as slightly high to my mind and I don’t know how accurate these figures are and clearly the big test might be coming off them. I guess it is easier to munch relatively more of a short HL benzo than a long one so perhaps that effects it since clonazolam seems at the low end for duration. Apart from that one is left with genetic variation which is very likely but I just though I’d put it out there. 
The OS pellets would have to be out by quite a bit to explain it otherwise; they do vary in weight by maybe 10% but this shouldn’t really be relevant.
"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law"
Hey the pellets we used to have were 0.5mg we used the same company at the time to press the flubromazolam and clonazolam.  When the clonazolam ran out everyone asked for more but i couldnt get it. 

hope you are all doing well

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