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"Ching" 3fpm Headshop 3FPM mix

  Just bagged a gram for 30 quid in brighton with a bit of hustling with the (very safe) old dude that runs the headshop(wont name because think thats against le rules). Spoke to him a bit about how the ban will affect him and he didnt seem worried as he danced around the place pointing at all the bongs n baccy n shit hell still be flogging. At that point someone came in smacked off their face shouting that he was "the man" and tried to get me to go with him down a road to get "anything I want". No ta.

I never buy branded rcs but i used to buy this as the best of a bad bunch for when i needed(yeh im an addict just relapsed with this branded shit). Its labelled as 40% 3fpm along with 10% 2ai and 10% somerandomchemnamethatliterallydoesntexist . 

Think of one of the bad CW batches of 3f and thatd make that 40% mark an accurate way to determine dosage and effects. Thats essentially what this stuff is, which is especially surprising now theyve got nothing to lose with the incoming ban. If i were them id prolly be chucking 10% in there to be honest but god knows what else theyre putting in there(50% of the ingredients arent even listed but id assume benzocaine and caffeine. Maybe some shite stims they need rid off bundled in but i think itd be more efficient for em to use caffeine and benzocaine seeing as its so cheap((inputs??)).

Ayway, to all you 3fpm fiends(what like... 80% of us that can afford the addiction... Or in my case take out a credit card (facepalmdontdothisyouwillwreckyourlifepmforfulldetailsonhow3fpmdestroyedallrelationshipsmyjobmyfuturemyhealth etc)...

Anyway im gassing hard so this thread is proof theres atleast something quite active in this, but yeah my point is that if you HAVE to resort to headshop branded 3fpm then id reccommend this one over the rest. They all seem to be made by reschems(who i have no trust in) but this ones cheaper and has more 3fpm(or w/e) in it, for ex. Charlie Sheen is BUNK as fuck but same company.

Curiously there are now cheapo printed stickers put over the old address/ingredients bit on the back. This something sinister or just a downscale to smaller offices in anyones opinion? Im too paranoid mebbe but i dont trust a company within 3 seconds of looking at their site. Or weird mixes eh.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. I wish the best of luck to anyone struggling with a 3fpm addiction as i know how hard it is as ive just lapsed after just 4 days. Ill try again after this "last bit.

If you havent done 3fpm before and are reading this, please, please dont try it as it is highly, highly addictive(can only talk for myself but google it). Itll probably take over your life.

Holy shit, howd i write that much..

Well, thats a pretty good sign theres a decent amount of 3f in there as i took my normal(eyeballed) oral dose that id use with UKRCs bingdaddybingbang stuff.

A i do is chat shit on this stuff but i hope i was somewhat informative or some shi*. 

Peace and DDD
£30/gram? He saw you coming!
(15-05-2016, 07:56 PM)HairyMagdalene Wrote: £30/gram? He saw you coming!

Well to be brutally honest it was £32 but what the hey. Apparently he only had half G's left and theyre supposed to be 20 a pop(he wouldnt BS about stock ive known the bloke a while now) so i nabbed 2 20 bags for 30 quid which is ite and it puts me off using more cos its so damn insanely expensive.

More money per gram = less daily usage by far for me so its a good thing tbh if i force myself to buy that shit(kinda have to anyway cos of housing situation)

Also forces me to take a 2 hour round trip to get anything up till the ban.
It's about £30 for 1/2 a G of a well known branded fizzy drink where I live!

I'm sure they mix it to 2Ai or N-M-2AI also.

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