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Chemical wire
CW payment process has gone awol. I tried to make an order today and was unable to pay for it. There is now an announcement on its home page that it'll be a few days before any new orders can be accepted...
Pain in the ass........ Grrrr
Seems like they are back taking orders but have following news :"

Unforseen Issues

Stock shortages. Due to unforseen circumstances we currently have very low stock levels.

The only products we have on sale at the moment are Methiopropamine, Ethylphenidate, Synthacaine, Etizolam and Pyrazolam.

We would like to apologize for this and can assure all customers that we are working tirelessly to rectify this situation as quickly as possible. We aim to be fully stocked back up by the end of next week.
Wonder what the reason could be for that?
Raided or robbed would be my guess. Flood or a fire?
(25-10-2012, 10:40 AM)henrik7 Wrote: Raided or robbed would be my guess. Flood or a fire?

Either that or they had a wild party.
Sorry ages ago i wondered about buying ur-144 from these guys cause it seemed a good price.
I finally got round to doing something with it and it was as good as anything I've tried, so thumbs up...
What's their new apb mix like?
Harm reduction at its finest.
Dont trust anything i say on a Friday or a Saturday - wait until Monday
Are we allowed to post the 15% Discount code? I have the new one if anyone wants it. Also, anything you order between November XX and December XX (I can't remember the dates) you get 10% back at the end of that time as a discount for extra stuff.
(13-11-2012, 08:28 AM)DavidWhy Wrote: Are we allowed to post the 15% Discount code?

[Image: qn45rt_th.gif]

Please read the site rules HERE

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