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Chemical Wire - Post PSA Update
.....Aaannnnd its gone. good vendor before the ban.
So much for the upcoming exciting new chems!
Anybody found a use for there last product
They have let the domain expire now.. bye bye CW <3
Is there not a european one starting up? that was the mythos. CW always seemed to have their own stock and pressers etc. i was told this before i realised but yeah i had to agree, Just thinking they would perhaps be one of the key big players most enticed for a shift, Maybe not, Maybe they had gotten sick of it and done their run. I dont know how long CW was operational for in the UK but i know it was a good while and i know its longer than i know.

They had good clean chems, i know other have variously had fault with them, theyre last...3 months of batches of 3F werent right. Infact no im talking shit that was RC, Clean stuff, couldnt fault RC also in a similar way to CW infact RC really sorted me out (RC were the boys!) but it was different a kind of fish scale abit weak but hey id rather have weaker than dirtier (im aware that by being weaker by defacto it has to be 'dirtier' with impurities/precursors etc) but it at least seemed well washed shall we say.

I know but forget what/which addresses they have on the side. Not cream supplies but something similar for their Nos side and i think they also had kind of a beta test site i think before they updated their main. I assume CW is still.comnot .co.uk or whatever it was originaally and hasnt split the operation, They were changing round to french when i last spied how it was going proper. Im totally unaware fo the french RC scene i didnt know it really had one, maybe thats the laws or maybe thats the crack but yeah if they were gonna do it i think it would have been done by now, i think they might just be sitting back on the piles of wealth theyve made up. bI think it was usually the same guy on the phone, i asume the operation had no more than 5 gadgies, i tend to assume most of these had 3, always remember RC packets coming back with a sticker saying checked by J i think. Either way theyll be close to minted now i imagine it simply might not be worth it without the UK market. We fucking love drugs, yum yum!

800 posts thats a fair notch, maybe ratched up 1600 on the EDIT forum in the ... 4+ years till the end at least this place hasnt properly disconnected, its clearly slowed but i think alot of people still use it as a resource, obvs less than when these things were legally acessable to us brits but i think there will still be a good wedge of old guard checking this place and also i dont think the spirit of the scene will die with it, myabe a resurgance one day, likly not looking at the score but. Viva the long in the tooth
Try everything twice Because who knows, you might have got it wrong the first time
Back to topic what was in the shite they sold post ban and what the fuck do u do with it
It was a kola nut and guarana extract. 

Essentially caffeine with whatever additional alkaloid came over during extraction.

Up to you, I'd mix it in coffee or bin it.
What does would u recommend lol

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