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Chemical Wire - Post PSA Update
All gone quiet now after the initial shill tactics failed? What made me laugh was CW's description. I wonder if we were supposed to believe it was a spelling mistake, where as really it was a perfect description.
'Synthacaine or Synthecaine is a local anesthetic with slight simulant properties.'
I read it as trying to simulate something, like a stimulant maybe. Clever word play?
Simulant: a thing which simulates or resembles something else.

I wonder if them not disclosing what's in it (and playing that they don't know that it's psychoactive) will make it legal to sell.  As long as it's not explicitly controlled under the MoDA wouldn't it need to be evaluated by the government and determined whether or not it is psychoactive before it could be considered controlled?  That or it would need to be something with literally zero research or mentions in scientific journals.
The thing I have found with this is it does keep me awake all night,and I can kind of get on with stuff,even getting sidetracked by other jobs that come up,forgetting the original job and ending up with a mountain of chaos around me,just like the good old days.But there is no buzz AT ALL!To me that was a big part of it,y'know the yay-here we go,now I feel like cleaning kick up the arse type thing.It,for me anyway,is better than nothing but oh how I'd love them head tingles again.
  My 'squirt it up me nose' technique seems to be working better than just having a line,maybe something with the delivery method,but I don't use as much to get the same done.Like I said it is a bugger to dissolve tho,anyone got any thoughts on how I can do this,the bloody bottle clogs up after 1 or 2 squirts and it is getting annoying.
 Just wish it was a bit cheaper,considering the lack of oomph.
I bring chaos to order...effortlessly lol
Did anyone send a sample to wedinos?
"Me and sleep are good friends but we haven't seen much of each other recently!"
Can't see how the active ingredient in this can be anything other than caffeine.[/url]
Psychedelic  Slut....

Cosmic Traveler.Independant ?Thinker.Drug AddictXX
I thought the stuff CW had pre-ban was worthy only of the bin, terrible stuff in my experience. I shall not be wasting money on this version, might as well have a cup of tea.
(08-09-2016, 01:22 PM)DPC Wrote:
(07-09-2016, 10:06 PM)Borderline Wrote:
(07-09-2016, 09:03 PM)DPC Wrote: So the rats down at the lab managed to log into their old account, with a welcoming 100 points left from the pre-ban stock up.

And like the filthy animals they are, decided to use some to grab a 1g of this 'synthacaine' to see how they scrub up.

They ordered it yesterday and it came prompt today, upon opening found CW classic label but... labeled ''NEW FORMULA''

The rats haven't jumped in the bath with it just yet, but I will report back soon with a soakdown.

Please Mothafucka, save 50mgs fo WEDINOS if your unawareof the wedinos scheme there are a couple of guides on here but kif you dont fncy that ill write up a quick how to thumbup

That double thumbs up has became part of my behaviour ive just realised.

Does WEDINOS now require your purchase intent written on the code sticker? ive sent one to be declined a while ago and seen names written on recent samples.

*Fucky keyboard :)

(07-09-2016, 09:21 PM)JodieVal Wrote: Numbness and sneezing.. Speculating here
but the buyers of this would use such product for bulking. Only thing worthless knowing is what and ratio, or what evers in the cupboard and totally ruin your stash pile.

A ridiculously expencive bulker. As someone said on the previous page it does seem currently like a sexy night starter kit. Which fair play on the homosildefanil, yet to test, but its rational. Id like the synthcaine explained and debunked ASAP.

It does set a president for CW and others to release other medical RC like Acetildenafil(sp?) and  bunch of other potential not ED drugs, SARMs and kinda nootropics come to mind, in what i envisage in the word nootropic. I dont think it would stand up to bastard legal scrutiny. In the essence of the word noots are phyhoactive but by expression they are something more base than that.

Look forward to a small slection of RC to alter your body, fuck it might be the new RC niche, i dont know whats stopping them selling melanotan, or melanotan 2 et. Maybe laws i dont know but body image has enough clientel to fund CWs uk operations that and the hard ons.

Just a quick update, 50mgs HAS been put aside for WEDINOS -

 I will try and send the sample tonight when I get back from work later this evening.

Any further forward with the WEDINOS sample...? Or did you snuff it?! Lol
Just printed out the wedinos sheet, will send it off later today just incase nobody else has - I stand correct because somehow 500mg more turned up today after saying previously the gram I ordered when it first got released wasn't effective... It clearly did something to make me order more, or maybe wishful fiending I don't know ?
Yeah I have to agree,it does do something,just no buzz at all.I don't think it has much caffeine in it tho,there are no heart beating palpitations like I get with a couple of coffies.
Could it all be a plasibo effect?Is it all in my mind?Jesus if it is I really am desperate chin
Numbing agent+a little caffeine and????
I bring chaos to order...effortlessly lol
Could Nitracaine have been redesignated as a local anetsthetic? id doubt so since it seemed to have no noticable numbing effects but theyd definatly have pleanty of stocks of it left. Ruling out placebo effect they could, Maybe?, be using an obscure caine that also has stimulant effects but has previous been ruled an an anetshetic medicene by some previous ruling or ect? just pure speculation.

Any wedinos codes?
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