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Charge White
Today I've bought a bag of half a gram of a branded product called Charge White wich is a white powder composed of 3-FPM, caffeine and lidocaine. I bought it with my girlfriend to study for a very important exam. 
Did anyone try Charge White? Does anyone know about ROAs, duration...of this branded product?
Mate to be honest if you are buying pre mixes from head shops you won't get much help here unfortunatly.
Most of us buy Chems and mix as we seen fit or not if that is the case.
Sorry to disappoint
They say pain is relative, it certainly feels like a relative of mine... One that I can't get rid of.
there could be anything in that.. better off getting a good nights sleep... I used to do loads of charge in the plant food days (I knew nothing of the RC scene until I found this site some years later) and it was great for getting fucked but no way would that help anyone pass any exam

I have no idea what is in it now but if that exam is important then take it seriously by using your brain and working hard and using the time you have in an organised way instead of trying to get something for nothing by using substances.

Sorry to sound critical becuase I do wish you the best but I think you are about to fuck up... you need your brain but you're about to take something that could seriously impair your judgment...

I just dont get it.

Blankets screw you up. Just say no.
Now we're using Charge White in very low snorted doses (about 50 mg) as a daily functional stim (we were using snuff in this way). We snort 30-60 mg and lie down in couch smoking  while we surf in the web, chat between us and watch tv.
I am waiting an order of Read the rules and I'll use Charge White as a daily functional stim (as most people do with coffee, tea or mate) and use NO for study

tralala edited 12-02-2016 05:05 PM this post because:

Please do not mention current use or intended purchase of UK illegals....read the rules and check the UK legality of substances before posting about them

I can't imagine that kind of usage staying strictly functional for very long.  For study, modafinil should be plenty good enough!
The majority of members here, myself included, would advise you not to touch branded chemicals.

You are running the risk of not knowing exactly what the blend contains and in turn have no idea of what harm or damage you could open yourself up to.

If I were you, I would steer clear from headshop branded products. It also sounds as if you are estimating and eyeballing your doses as you say 'about 50mg' and then describe snorting a dose of between 30-60mg, but aren't sure of exactly how much?

There is quite a difference in snorting 30mg to snorting 60mg, especially in your case with your unknown blend of chems. Please be very careful and try to obtain a set of scales to measure an exact dose when partaking in your RC sessions. They could well save your life hun.

Anyway, flush that branded shite and purchase the real deal powder(s) and create your own carefully blended mix. There are some extremely knowledgable folk here if you need help with this.

Please, be safe and don't waste your money on a headshop brand and think of your safety if you continue using this dogshit chem 'Charge White'. Using a branded chemical is not going to be beneficial for your needs for focus and studying anyway as the amount of (supposed) 3-FPM will probably not be as much as taking doses of the unbranded proper stuff, it may be fairly weak in comparison, leading you to dose more of the crap with God knows what side effects/harm risks.

I don't think anyone here will advocate using that shite, do what's best me luvvly and get rid.

Stay safe x
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