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Certified Vendor w/ Multiple Locations, Guaranteed Shipping nandTONS of chems
I was referred to RcChemtech.com by one of my friends. He got a discount for referring me and I got the purest 2-FA I've ever came across. I was always used to ordering from garage-lab sweat shops in china so I did a good line of it and DAMN! It hit me like a freight train, I didn't even have any side effects or hangover or anything when it wore off, either. This vendors chems are so fucking pure, it's ridiculous. come to find out, they actually have mutliple locations in different countries and each of their labs are certified and inspected. 
They have a guaranteed shipping policy, they reship for free no matter what, prices are not bad, customer service is excellent and chems are pure AF. 
You're welcome.
Hell yeah, by far the best vendor i ever had. i know what you mean by their purity. i'd always get 3-mmc from my previous vendor and i did a "normal" amount and I was sooooo fucking amped lmao their shit is pure as hell. i recommend the 3-mmc and the mdpt is really good too!

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